Sunday, December 2, 2007

Quote of the Day: Mether Baba

Wandering back to my car yesterday after my weekly Artist Date .. I came across this quote in the window of a shop. It basically sums up last week for me. Yet another veil has fallen for me.

And yes ... this is my untidy script - quickly scrawled at the end of my musings for the day in my morning pages book.

What have you done this year to dig deeper to find yourself?


kenju said...

I think that suffering is meant to teach us lessons, or to get us to realize certain truths or laws of the universe. The only way I have dug deeper this year is through my writings, in which I reveal more of myself than I ever could by speaking.
Michele sent me.

Anonymous said...

I think challenging myself to go back to school has been my way of digging deeper. If you had asked, me on this day last year, if I thought I would be in school in a year's time, I would have given you a very cynical, "Not likely." for the longest time I struggled with dismay over the feeling that my life would slip by, and my dreams right along with it. Now... not so much.

d sinclair said...

pretty much every thing I've done this year has made me dig deeper - I tend to dig and dig or not pick up the shovel at all.

I'm not sure about the suffering - I'm learning about how much power suffering has if I let it - and how much of it is illusion.

Having said that, so many hours, days, weeks are spent unravelling stories and their associated pain, so that I can no longer suffer because of them.

I sometimes wonder if it would not have been a more pleasant life if I had remained in my illusions, suffering or otherwise, because ignorance really is a kind of bliss.

love what you are doing here Jodi xx d


You keep morning in the Artist's Way??? I really need to start doing that again.