Monday, June 16, 2008

Musical Musings new home

Musical Musings has a new home www.mondaymusicalmusings

The link box for today is up already ... please pop over and post your story there.


Rebecca Reid said...

hi jodi, the link doesn't work. (i.e., it isn't a link)

I'll bookmark it! I'm kind of busy, but I'll try to join in when I have time and creative ideas...

thanks for doing it!

Smiler said...

Sorry I flaked out on you. Nothing personal - I'm doing much less blogging and tonnes of reading instead these days but you are in my thoughts! xx

Jodi Cleghorn said...

That's OK Smiler... I'm glad that you're getting a chance to read. I realise that I flip between intense blog and intense period of reading ... and I'm OK with that. Over the course of the year I guess it evens itself out to a balance between blogging, writing and reading.

I'm just back in the saddle of blogging this week ... and who knows how long I'll be here for this. At least with this mentality I can enjoy the time blogging rather than seeing it as a chore!