Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Review This #3: Fortified and dessert wines

Review This!

A writing meme for journalistic reviews

Assume that this is a new addition to the market about to be launched nationwide. You are writing a small article (100 – 200 words) in conjunction with other writers to be included in a best selling monthly food and wine magazine. Choose a dessert wine, a port or some other Fortified Wine to review.

Knappstein’s Fortified Shiraz is the dessert/fortified wine with a twist. Pouring the wine the first thing that strikes you is the colour - is a sensual shock of deep, royal plum that the small liqueur glass really didn’t do justice. The second is that it has a consistency more reminiscent of table wine, than the fortified variety.

The initial tasting is a surprise. Knappstein’s Fortified Shiraz has none of the stickiness, heaviness or sweetness distinctive of fortifieds. The label promises a “ripe and mouth filling” wine and it definitely delivers on both counts. The spicy pepper notes characteristic of Shiraz are absent but the robust fruit body remains. While the label notes “hints of mocha and cedar” as well as liqueur black fruits, the mocha accents were lost on me, though there was a definite woodiness in the after taste. It has a light, clean palate, with a surprising explosion of warmth that begins in the mouth and travels all the way to the chest. Towards the end of the glass, the brandy base does become more apparent and tended to overpower the complexity of the wine.

Knappstein’s Fortified Shiraz is a unique wine and will be embraced by wine lovers who are looking to experience something different after dinner. Valued at $17.99 for a 375ml bottle, it is well priced and a stand out among the other fortified wines in the same price strata. It is a fine companion on a cold winter’s night, though be warned though, you’ll need a corkscrew as elegant bottle comes with a real cork.

Knappstein’s Fortified Shiraz rates four warmed cockles of the heart.

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Annie said...

Yum! I hope you have some left. I want to try some now.. I bet I can find the Mocha flavour and undertones..... letme try!