Saturday, September 6, 2008

Radio Show Freak Out

Later on today (seeings it is now 1:33am here in Brisbane) Annie and I will be interviewed by best selling author Armin Brott (Mr Dad) from on his weekly podcast radio show. The reality of it has just hit ... argh! I imagine he has a large audience.

Annie and I will be discussing with Armin our new eBook Reclaiming Sex After Childbirth:a survival guide for couples and parents experiences of sex after birth. I'll be back later on to debrief - hopefully a great interview, and not one that makes me sound like an idiot!


Annie said...

we so totally rock

khaye said...

good luck to you and annie...:)

Kerri said...

Hi Jodi

Is there a link to a recording / podcast? I'd love to hear it.