Tuesday, April 1, 2008

And they're off and running

Script Frenzy started today and I got off the mark with seven pages. It's quite twisted and strange after NaNo and a completely different writing style. It really is the bare bones. I've always had an affinity for dialogue, so one would think that I'd be in my element, but I'm at present finding it all a bit disconnected ... so we'll see how we go. At least if I can get ahead in the next day or so, then I will have a few pages up my sleeve, as we'll spend most of Thursday travelling either by plane or by car.

This is going to be a great challenge and I am glad (though I may have to eat those words a few weeks down the track) I chose to do it. It seems to be a way of indulging all those voices in my head.


Paul said...

Good luck Jodi! I considered doing Script Frenzy, until it was "politely" pointed out to me that I might want to finish my last writing project before moving on to another!

Jodi Cleghorn said...

Thanks for the encouragement Paul. Thankfully no one 'politely' pointed out to me that my NaNo is sitting there untouched since last year - it'll keep.

Considering that its based on the story that got published, there's been quite a lot of support. And it meant that we had something to talk about over dinner a few weeks ago!

I'm giving myself permission for it to be as bad as it has to be, to get out 100 pages in 30 days (which actually seems to be at this stage, relatively easy compared to NaNo, which I really struggled with at the beginnng)

It's a challenge to see just how 'dark' I can be.

Gloria, Writer Reading said...

Jodi: The limits of blogging friendship--see Square1's blog.