Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Julia Cameron on the growth of ideas ..

Marakoopa Caves - Western Tasmania
copyright Jodi Cleghon 2008

The best way to raise ideas is:

  • let them grow in the dark

  • let them form on the roof of our consciousness

  • let them hit the page in droplets

Trusting this slow and seemingly randow drip, we will be startled one day by the flash of "Oh! That's it."


b said...

Do ideas, like flowers, grow better in well drained, fertile ground? Or do they grow best where there is nothing in their way? Or perhaps they just need that little nudge that reading Jodi's blog gives. :)


Jodi Cleghorn said...

Oh shucks Barb .. you're making me blush! My Artist's Way contract for the next 90 days (starting Monday) has me blogging every day ... so there will lots more good stuff (and probably a fair dose of crap as well) on its way over the next three months.

To answer your (rhetorical questions) I think flowers do equally well in both locations ... makes me think of that lovely blue flower on your Friday Fiction ... now there's NOTHING fertile there and its still blooming.

Paul said...

Bizarrely, some flowers really flourish if you neglect them completely...

I sometimes think that some of my ideas act like that - if I ignore them long enough, the next time I look at them they've blossomed into something quite special, that I can then take on to the next level.

Jodi Cleghorn said...

I think orchids fall into that cateogory ... they grow in rock and dont like to be 'tended.'

I believe that sometimes I 'overthink' my ideas and it either bores them to tears and they disappear to more exciting places or it freak them out and they go underground.

Sometimes less is more.