Saturday, January 17, 2009

Books Galore

Today was the first day of Lifeline’s twice yearly Bookfest. The first time we went – about three years ago now I was astounded by the sheer number of books. Since then we’ve been to every Fest and come home loaded with new books.

The proceeds of the Bookfest go to financially supporting Lifeline’s 24 hour Help Line and it is estimated that around 1 million books are on sale at each event (the January event goes for five days) – I’m not sure how many of those million books actually get sold.

I got a few books that I went specifically to look for (Lolita) and got a couple of others than flesh out existing collections (I now own Silverthorn and Darkness at Sethanon to go with my copy if Magician). Dave found me a fabulous looking book on Pope Joan which I can't wait to sink my teeth into.

I also got some books that will be good resource books for the Reclaim Sex After Birth site. Additionally I grabbed a couple of breastfeeding books that I don’t already have, again as resources, as I’ve just been offered the editorship of the Breastfeeding pages at Type-A Mom. Last but not least I also got a couple of extra Sarah Ban Breathnach books including a beautiful visual folder for drawing.

Now I’m looking forward to a changing of the guard in my book cases – there are books that deserve to be shelved elsewhere and others that need to be brought out.

On the funny side – our housemate Phil found Interview with a Vampire housed in the Religion section and Dave found Barbara Cartland in the Literature section (as opposed to the paper or fiction sections!) Interesting interpretations of both genres!

Hmmm – Dave’s just going through my collection of books … I think I’d better disappear and explain a few of my purchases!

PS: I shall post some photos once I have my internet issues sorted out. Mercury Retrograde is hitting my hard this time around!