Thursday, September 13, 2007

Creative Clusters

Have just skipped to the back of the book to read about doing The Artist Way together. Page 207 says:

"In my experience we can benefit greatly from the support of others who share our dreams of living a fuller life. I suggest forming a weekly cluster and going through the exercises in the book together, sharing and comparing each answer. Often someone else's breakthrough insight can trigger one of our own."

I've also embedded into the title an online article from Julia about forming Creative Cluster (my burgeoning internet abilities!!)

Perhaps we could take it in turns to 'host' - though its probably not something we want to share with the whole of cyberspace on our blogs .. should 'the rest of the world' find its way to our small corner of that universe. I'm only new to this site, so not sure if there is a way of making certain parts of your blog open to just select friends. Perhaps we can share via email if that works better? At least its a beginning to nut out how we're going to go about supporting each other.

Lots of what is written about creative clusters/support rings true for me, due to the work that I've done in the last three and a bit years with HMA - sitting in circle supporting women to birth their babies at home ... which is really the ultimate expression of creativity.

Do you want to run weekly from Sunday to Sunday - or is there a better start/end day for you guys? And ... do we want to begin this Sunday (or whatever day we choose?)

I've been loving writing the three pages - though I've already discovered that my little A5 size exercise book really needs to be an A4 size one ... as just as I beginning to really roll, the pages are you.

I considered what you said today Dali about writing at night and reflected back to my own love affair with journalling ... its kind of like 'downloading' at the end of the day and clears the mind before bed. I can see both night journalling combined with morning pages as the ultimate - get to download before bed, process during the sleep and then clear it out in the morning. More motivation to get back into journalling again.

Oh and I have already booked in one of my artists dates ... I'm taking myself off to the Goddess Conference on the Gold Coast (something I've been toying with for months, but never made a firm committment) to explore the energy of Aphrodite ... which is quite timely given Venus being retrograde, and having explored some of that energy a few weeks ago in a women's circle here at my place. I know the artist date is only for two hours, but this is something I've been reluctant to indulge in ... and now I've got the courage to do it. I think this will be another aspect of my healing journey.

And ... I'm going to look into putting Dylan into daycare one day a week, that I can dedicate to myself, since he's been bugging me about wanting to go to school - he's obviously telling me he's ready to take the next great big leap! Go go go, after the Eclipse huh?


Sentient Marrow said...

Yea! Your artist's date sounds like a great way to jumpstart this season of your life/project!

There is no way to make one part of your blog private, it's either all or nothing or team members only. What I think we could do is create a new blog and then make the three of us team members and I think that would let all three of us post. I've never tried it, though, so am unsure if that's how the team member idea works. I think I'll go see if I can set one up for us...

BTW, I hope it was OK for me to point out your blog in my divine mojo post. If you'd like your blog to remain more private, I can delete that portion of the post.

I'll try to read the article you posted in regard to clusters. It'd be great to have some clear ideas of how to use the book as a group.

Sentient Marrow said...

Also, putting Dylan in a daycare for one day a week sounds like a great way to get some creative time for yourself!

Sentient Marrow said...

Sunday to Sunday is OK with me. I'm off to read the article you linked to ...

Oh, and I accidentally made the comment about the cluster blog from my photo blog name... sorry for the confusion.