Thursday, September 27, 2007


Something absolutely unheard of is currently happening in my home. It's quiet ... and I'm the only one awake. The only thing to hear is the gentle breeze caressing the palms outside my window and the tap tap tapping of the keyboard as a right this. There are few moments in my life these days when there is really nothing urgent requiring my immediate attention. Yeah - my magazine is still unfinished and about to miss yet another deadline, but in this moment, I don't have to worry too much about it.

It's been a bit of a whirlwind week. Dylan has been ill (thus the reason that he is asleep in the middle of the day!) all week, not enough to be really sick, but enough to be clingy, low on energy and just not himself ... but not sick enough to need to stay home and miss out on playing with his friends! It's a fine line. Tuesday I got a call to arms to assist with organising the Brisbane contribution to the Janie Nottingham's rally at Parliament House tomorrow. I hate using the phone, and the idea of ringing and speaking to politicians, either elected or would-bes wasn't my cup of tea ... so I got the grand job of doing the press release for Queensland. At least I was putting my writing to good use. It also helped to solidify more things about birth in my mind and my understanding of it. Hopefully over the weekend I will be able to bring them all together into an article.

Right now - I have to go and attend to an email program that doesn't want to play ball ... grrr ... as I'm due to leave for the airport in quarter of an hour to pick up a friend from Cairns. Well the moment was enjoyed ... if even it was just a moment!

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