Sunday, September 9, 2007

Flowers or weeds?

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Sentient Marrow said...

I've grown weeds for long enough, now it's time to grow some flowers! I need to spend more time perusing your blog but for now I wanted to drop in and say, "Hi!" I was happy (HAPPY!) to see a fellow Violent Femmes fan. I saw them once at a show at least 14 years ago... loved it. And, I am also happy to see you are a home birth advocator... I had my last three at home. I had my first one with a midwife in the hospital and luckily she was a great patient advocate and there was no medical intervention. The second one I had at her birth center which was in a house set up like a bedroom which was nice but I hated having to get up a few hours later and drive home. Having the babies at home was the best. My husband actually delivered our fourth because my body decided my births were going to take much less time than they used to and my midwife didn't get there in time. It was probably my favorite birth because it was so peaceful and took place in the early hours of morning while the other children slept. Maybe I'll post her birth story in my blog sometime.

Anyway, enough blabbing... I am excited to meet someone with similar interests and hope that doing the Artist's Way helps us!

Jodi Cleghorn said...

Wow - amazing synchronicity. I never thought to post Dylan's birth story on my blog. I'll have to go and find it now.

I publish a homebirth magazine, so can't help but be an advocate. Going off now to check out your blog before bed ...

And yes, very exciting to be doing the Artist's Way ... haven't done my prescribed reading yet, but hopefully will have a chance for a quick skim before I hit the sack.

But have to ask - fav Femmes Song? And their first album was one of our son's Christmas presents - he loves 'Daddy Gone' and sings along quite tunefully to it!