Monday, February 25, 2008

I Dance

imprisoned in my body
jailer and liberator
all knowledge is here
I am a vessel
the container of knowing
a path to ecstacy lies within
beyond the cortex
into my core
my heart beats the rhythm
my body knows the rhythm
to unlock the pain
to unleash chaos
so ecstacy can stream in
orange and gold
free and dramatic
my truth
i dance
therefore I am

past present and future colliding
the place of sensuality
the unction of my
intimacy and sexuality
a place of safety
of insight
I dance
therefore I am

I sweat
I cry
my chest heaves
my soul takes flight
ecstasy in the moment
freedom lives here
this is my truth
I am authentic
I dance
I am

Written at the Lightning in the Blood Dance workshop
Sunday 17th February 2008


d sinclair said...

It must have been a wonderful workshop Jodi!

hmm...can't help but think of the other sacral chakra issue of sexuality and fertility...

d xx

Square1 said...

Jodi, this was absolutely lovely. Authenticity seems such a wonderful theme for you this year. Keep at it!

Anonymous said...

sounds like a bit of shifting going on and very well combined with your central intention for 2008 ala authentic jodi.

I'm imagining the lightening(sic) in blood dance workshop as sort of to thine own self be true but with a drumbeat...?


rebecca said...

this is so unbelievably powerful! one of the very best, most original, most deeply felt in all its senses poem i've ever read...

you have left me in awe....