Friday, February 1, 2008

Secret Life of School Girls

This Week’s Theme: [Fiction] Friday Challenge for February 1, 2008:
Your character was lost in her own thoughts. When she snaps back to reality, she realizes she was singing out loud. Unfortunately, she wasn’t somewhere private. How embarrassing… Take it from there. Prompt provided by Jeff.

9:05am Maths
Dear Mish,
Please tell me that I am dreaming? It’s not really Monday morning Maths with Mr Matthews. Was it you that told me that he threw a duster and a bin at a kid at St Pat’s. Shit! He just thumped the ruler down on someone’s desk. Had better pretend to do some work.

:o) Heidi

9:54am Maths still
All done and I’ve even written my homework in my diary.

Anything interesting happen on the way to school this morning? Had my bag stepped on – think my lunch is squashed again. Bus soooooo packed. Think I should start walking to the city stop again.

:) Heidi

10:30am English
Dear Heidi,
Yup – I told ya about Matthews. Some guys I know had him a few years ago and he threw a bin across the room because some dude was talking. Freaky huh? Lucky he only uses the ruler here.

I just had typing – got the carbon thingie round the wrong way and typed my exercises onto the front and back of the paper. Remind me why I thought it would be a good idea to do typing? And it wasn’t coz I almost set the home ec room on fire last year.

I’m bored …. I hate Picnic at Hanging Rock. I’m BORED … We’re supposed to be acting out a few pages from it and Mel wants to do the bit where Miranda goes missing so we can all get freaky. Wish you were in my class. But you got brains huh?

Nothing interesting – but someone said they saw Adam down the street on the weekend. Get this – he was wearing a denim jacket with a furry collar. That’s so last winter. Must have escaped from the boarding house.

What movie do you want to see this weekend? Do you reckon we could sneak in to see Top Gun?

Xxx Mish Xxxx

11:57am Social Education
The word is HYSTERICAL – not freaky! That’s reserved for Michael Jackson.

I told you that my lunch was squashed again. Going to have to ditch the cheese and go back to the chocolate sprinkles if this keeps up – can handle them mashed into the bread – but cheese???

Didn’t make it down to the common room for morning tea – had to go the library and get books for an assignment. Got choir at lunch time so won’t have a chance to see you all day. Had to get the books so I can start my research tonight. You should come and join the choir – even if you sing off key.

Is it really true that Adam had a sheep skin lined denim jacket on? Maybe he’s a Kiwi? I don’t think that I like him anymore. Never going to see him if he’s locked up in the boarding house.

Dad said he’d take us to see Top Gun if you want to come. It was so much fun seeing Girls Just Want to Have Fun on the weekend – even if you did eat all the pop corn and wouldn’t share the Coke.

We’re going to watch the caribou movie next week – the one where they reckon they drink their blood. ARGH!! Could you imagine drinking blood. Still Mum eats black pudding and that’s meant to be congealed pigs blood. Vomit!!

Love and kisses
:) Heidi

12:12pm R.E.
Remember last year when we made the poster about the Pope coming to Australia?

I’ve got cheese and alfalfa sandwiches on white – and NO! I am not in love. I just felt like cheese and alfalfa this morning. You should eat something better for lunch. Chocolate ant sandwiches ARE good though and I guess they’re not really fattening if you put it one wholemeal. Mum wont buy them any more because the other kids want them in their lunch too.

Choir – no way. Choir is not cool. You should stop going right now. You’ll never get a boyfriend if you sing in the choir. And if you always wear short socks!

Let’s get your Dad to take us to see Top Gun. What’s he got playing in his car at the moment?

Xxxx Mish Xxxxx

1:30am English
Ground open up and swallow me whole. OH MY GOD!! I’m sooooooooooooo embarrassed.

Get this – I’m standing there in the music room and Sr Morph is banging on about harmonies etc and I’m imaging that I’m Helen Hunt (because I think she’s cooler even if she’s got a smaller part) – blonde rebel and all of that.

Next thing Morph’s in my face yelling at me – spit flying everywhere, ugly yellow teeth and the smell of moth balls making it hard to breathe. And I’ve been singing Day-O outloud, just like in the movie and she thinks that I’m being a smart arse – but of course she can’t say that because she’s a Sister and all of that. So she says that I’m purposely disrupting the choir session and sends me down to see Mrs Leishman, but she’s busy doing her nut at someone else, in her office and the bell rings and I decide to go to class instead. All I can think of is at least I wear the right socks – I’m the only student in the whole school who wears the regulation short socks.

Shit – shit shit shit!! Did I do the right thing?? I’ve never been sent to Mrs Leishman. Do you think that I should go see Morph and remember to call her Sr Mary Murphy – but then again she probably doesn’t know about the little clay man dude on TV – or do they let the nuns watch TV? And if they do what do they watch? Anyway – should I go and see her and apologise? It really was an accident. I think I make a really pathetic Helen Hunt.

Petrified …
:( Heidi

PS: Dad’s playing a tape with John Cougar Mellencamp on one side and Bruce Springsteen on the other side. I think he lost the one with Hugey Lewis and the News.

2:48pm Maths
You are bent! I used to think that ya were straight – but ya bent girl.

I don’t know what nuns watch? Ya reckon Morph and her mates sit around getting hot and bothered about Don Johnson down in the convent? Don’t think so. You’ve been down there – ever seen a TV?

As far as I’ve ever seen – Jesus only gets around looking like he’s skipped out in his O Week toga – never seen him in one of those hot white suits and pink shirt – and not the sunnies.

Does this mean I have to confess? How many Hail Mary’s will I need to say?
Love and kisses
Xxxx Mish Xxxx

3:15pm R.E.
You’re going to hell Mish – so wouldn’t worry too much about confessing. And its OK – I’ll be going too – Morph will have reported me to St Peter.

Sure they’ll be having a better party down there anyway … besides I don’t think I really believe in God and the Devil and all of that. And I think Don Johnson and Johnny Depp will be going to Hell too – if its exists. Do you think I should put my hand up and ask if Jesus is a Virgin – seeings I’m already in the shit today? I’ve always wanted to. Maybe today’s the day …..

:) Mish

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Square1 said...

Go for it, Mish! Go for it! LOL! I knew I still had that fiery streak in me somewhere. Even age can't seem to quench it. Thanks for giving me a little direction to it.

M as in Mint said...

An eye opener of an embarassment, huh! :) Initially, i looked for the use of prompt like an impatient hunter (excuse my eagerness)- but i was lured into re-relish - Interesting format & a very sweet take!


pia said...

Love Helen Hunt also. The letter format was wonderful

pjd said...

longish but worth every hilarious word. you really hit your stride in the last couple of notes.

keith hillman said...

Brilliant! A long piece but well worth the time spent reading it.

keith hillman said...

Brilliant! A long piece but well worth the time spent reading it.