Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Great Bovine Purge of 2007

I've been asked by Paul what the Great Bovine Purge of 2007 is - or should I say, was. Well before I give up the real story, (and some photos of the survivors!) I'd like you my readers to offer your thoughts on what The Great Bovine Purge of 2007 was? So muse away, letting your imagination run riot.

For those who really know what happened, don't spoil the silliness for everyone else!

Here's my dear friend Catherine's take on it (stolen from her comments a few posts down!)
"I'd say the vegans got to town, rounded up all the bovine critters on Jodi's desk and workshopped them quietly into a serene place."

Your turn now!
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Paul said...

To understand "The Great Bovine Purge of 2007" it is first necessary to appreciate the politics of the Bovine Separatist Movement and the stunning election victories they won in 2003.

The BSM has long advocated their own independent state (Moovania), although this has long been opposed by the Ovis-Gallian movement.

Winning a majority of seats at the election, the BSM immediately declared independence. Their opponents cried "fowl", bleating about vote-rigging and "pulling the wool over the electorate's eyes". Investigations by the independent Susian party bore out the allegations, and all BSM members lost their seats, the party was outlawed, and they were expelled from government in what became known as The Great Bovine Purge of 2007.

Apologies for the bad puns throughout... :-D

Annie said...

in addition to Pauls comment, a little known insitagator within the politics at the time were the Sheep....

baaa baaa baaaa

Paul said...

Oh, got another meme for you - you've been tagged.

Anonymous said...

Dad said - I think it was a resurgance of the great bovine hit of 1996 - Cows with Guns...........
........and chickens in choppers!