Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What does your writing space say about you: part one

In his Sunday column for the Write Anything website Paul asked "What does your writing area say about you? Before I try to explain any of my space - perhaps a snap shot is best served - and I admit that I did not rush to clean and tidy my space and give the unreal impression that it is always spacious and clear, because that would be a blatant lie!

What does my writing space say about me? The most important thing I think it says about me (until all the renovations are finished) is that I share my writing/creative space with the family's loungeroom. My space is nestled in an odd alcove in the corner. I dream of having a WHOLE ROOM that is mine - but that feels a little greedy at the moment. One day! After all, that's what ear phones and good music were designed for - drowning out Sponge Bob Squarepants and Sonic the Hedgehog. Weren't they?

In February I cleared out this space, which had been my work space for a year. I bought the cubes so I could have my favourite books close to me. I created an writers altar on top. I also bought curtains, which six months later are still sitting in my bedroom waiting to be hemmed and put up. The flashing fairy lights are still in their box also waiting to be put up. I made a decisive effort for this space to be fun and inspiring. I didn't want it to be a 'work space' ... I wanted it to be a place of creativity.

Now I look at the collection of rocks I have on my window shelf, along with the last of my cows that survived the Great Bovine purge of 2007 and think about the layers of dust there - same goes for my altar. And I'm sure I could do with a new brightly coloured altar cloth. Orange? Or maybe pink? Green perhaps. I also look at the top of the cubes and see that instead of being a home for my tarot cards, its become another horizontal space for putting stuff. I have a Mothers Day painting that hasn't quite made it up onto the wall (along with my certificate from NaNo last year that fell off the wall and never got put back up - though at least it's no longer just lying on the floor.)

What does my creative space say about me - it says that as usual it's a project not quite realised .. and that I should committ over the next two weeks to finish the curtain, hang the lights, get the duster out and perhaps choose which of my favourite books I'd like close to me on my desk. It also reminds me that the tacky gold pineapple top clip on ear ring that's been lying on my desk for an eternity needs to go back in the dress up box, looking at my desk tidy and a new vase from Dylan, I'm reminded that I need to get some different coloured paints in our craft box because everything seems to end up being gree, and the last of the paper work for applying for a new credit card and for a plumber to look the house over as part of the Water Wise initiaitve needs to be attended to so I can get rid of the last of the paper clutter.

Thankfully I'm used to starting projects with all the enthusiasm and energy in the world, and then struggling to actually see it completed (why doing magazine work was good for me once upon a time!) This instance is no different to the hundreds that have come before it.

Now that I've shared ... tune back in at the new moon and see the wonderful colourful, fun space I've finally finished.

PS: I had a moment last week, sitting in a cafe in Westend having brunch with Dylan. The walls are plastered with all manner of posters for bands, plays, comedians, photo exhibitions etc. Sitting there I was hit with idea after idea. I also found out that a replica Endeavour will be in port in two weekends time and that Talk Like a Pirate Day is on the 19th September (more on that in the not to distant future!) It reminded me of how important a stimulating environment is for me to be in ... to write and plot in. And sparked the original idea last week to do something about finishing off my creative space at home.


Paul said...

The Great Boving Purge of 2007?

I think I want to hear more about that!

Jodi Cleghorn said...

I'll get the survivors together to tell their story!

Pirate Cate said...

I'd say the vegans got to town, rounded up all the bovine critters on Jodi's desk and workshopped them quietly into a serene place.

Pirate Cate said...

Btw Ms Jodi, the pirate cate tag is not a serious attempt at a new identity...just a hold over from times past. Meant for chuckles.