Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Meme Mia

While I’m on the meme roll (and with Hannah Montana playing in the background) here are my answers to the one Paul tagged me for. It was so much more fun to play tag in the school yard than on the internet and involved burning far more calories! Do you think that I out punned Paul?

The meme comes originally from Steph over at Watch Your Steph and asks us to reveal six unspectacular quirks about yourself.

But first, the rules:
1. Link to the person who tagged you (done)
2. Mention the rules (which I'm abiding by now).
3. Tell six unspectacular quirks of yours (see below).
4. Tag six bloggers by linking (gosh that’s pushing it since Paul tagged everyone I know!)
5. Leave a comment for each blogger (will do when I'm done – if I can find any other friends out in the blogsphere).

And now my quirks – I’ll try and make them as quirky as possible.

I am obsessed with the way that the towels are folded and placed in the linen press (they must be folded in half, long ways, in half short end togegther, then in three and the fold facing outwards). I blame this on my time working as a cleaner in large resorts and hotels. Some brainwashing never wears off!

I am convinced that I always have bad hair (and that I’ve been afflicted with this ALL my life). I’m sure I have some poorly aspected Leo in my chart. Short, long, medium length - it makes no difference ... though short hair (a good short hair cut) seems to ameliorate the worst of it. I was one of those teenagers who would look at all the popular girls and just wish that I had hair like them. Maybe I'm just a closet Leo lusting after great hair! Or maybe I bother about some really insignificant stuff!

Despite what my friends may think, I am hideously shy and really don’t like meeting people for the first time. A glass of wine always smoothes this along. My mother was so worried about my shyness as a kid (I would hide under my bed whenever someone knocked at our door and of loud noises) she took me to dance class - to help bring me out of her shell. I wonder if she ever rues the day she made the decision and carted me off to Renee-Anne Martinees dance class in my badly fitting leotard and blue and white striped runners.

When I eat, I wont mix food together, so at dinner time I will eat around my plate. I don’t start with anything in particular – and it tends to be in a clockwise direct. Dave loves to flabbergast me with curries and things like that. Then I have to pick each individual component of the curry out as best I can. I’ve only ever met one other person who has this crazy gastronomic idiosyncracy.

I’m a boot girl. I can’t understand women’s obsession with impractical shoes. My most impractical pair of shoes is still flat soled and were bought to go to a red carpet movie premier last year in Sydney. Having said that, I do have a pair of knee length Spanish leather boots that have ridiculous heels on them (or I'm just out of practice given that I never wear them any more)

As a hangover from childhood, I still rub the corner of my pillow between my fingers when I’m having a particularly hard time going to sleep (I’m also prone to rubbing the hem of shorts or other bits of clothing that are soft and feel good in the daylight hours!) I also sleep wrapped around a pillow, much to Dave’s disgust. The pillow was there long before he was, and it’s a habit I just can’t break.

I'll be back later with some links once I've gone out and befriended some new people in cyberspace and also given my son a bath!

Photo of kids running found at Captainstlucifer's blog. Number photos from Free Fotos

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