Sunday, October 26, 2008

Blogging Drought

Last year I wrote that if I stopped blogging it would mean that I stopped loving writing. Blogging was such a revelation for me last year ... not only could I write, but there was the possiblity that by putting it out there, someone might actually read it. What a thrill. And I do still love writing - perhaps not the crazy head over hills love that it was last year ... writing and I are a little more comfortable and cosey this year. Maybe blogging got lost in transit?

To be honest the thrill hasn't gone it's just that blogging has become more of a challenge and I've only got the tiniest of insights as to why I'm in a blog drought.

Like writing fiction, at various times over the year, I've felt a disconnection to blogging ... and the longer I take between blog post, the harder it it to get back into the swing of it (a little like the much maligned morning walk that has been shelved for the past six months) Sadly I think about blogging lots, but I haven't really made it a priority in the last six months - you only have to look at my blog entries to know that I'm not lying in that regard. I miss cruising around reading other blogs, the manner in which ideas can be taken and grown, manipulated and reborn from one blog to another and I miss the comraderie of commenting. And once I get on a roll - I post three times in a day and dont come back for a month. Hmmm - I thinking scheduling and I need to become the next best of friends?

It cannot be possible that I got so busy that I couldn't find time to blog? It's not like I've been leading a boring life and had no inspiration to blog. I had an awesome dream last weekend that I wanted to share, plus a run down from my first public speaking engagement (with Annie). I wanted to write about the relief and the excitement that Mr D will be returning for a second year at kindy giving us some breathing room to negotiate big school in 2010 for him. There's my passionfruit vine that's taken off in leaps and bounds, strawberry bushes that are doubling in size every few days and beans that are rivalling Jack and his. And finally being approached to be part of the book version of We Feel Fine (do check it out - it's wonderful and amazing)
So from this point forth ... I pledge to make an effort to blog - even if it is for 15 minutes a day to get back into the groove. You can hold me to that!

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