Sunday, October 26, 2008

Google Top 10

Our website Reclaim Sex After Birth has made it into the Goggle Top 10 - that is, we've made the first page of Google - finally! No we didn't pay anyone to move up the list ... there was many hours given over to writing answers on yahooanswers (Annie is the queen!) and also commenting on various blogs, utilising Facebook and other social networking and bookmarking sites to channel the traffic to us. And it's all paid off.

However ...

If I run a Google search from my Internet Explorer brower - we hit the first page, BUT, if I run the exact same search from Firefox, we're down to the bottom of page four? I'm stumped?!! You'd think that it would be the same - that would be the logical conclusion would it not? Perhaps someone with more nouse than me can answer what seems to be impossible.

Any how - barring the Firefox issue ... it's time to do a celebratory dance! Let's talk about sex bay-bee!

Photo: from Flickr Raumoberbayern's "10 - Zehn"

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