Friday, October 10, 2008

Random Book Title Generator

While trolling through the NaNo forums (because it seems to be a new form of procrastination, er hem, I mean research) I came across the Random Book Title Generator and as I still don't have a working title for my NaNo project, I thought I would give it a go.

If you are writing sci-fi/fantasy or perhaps romance there seems to be lots of good titles along that line. You may like to pop on over and generate a few titles for yourself for a bit of fun - after all they are mostly quite silly.

These were some of my favourites:

Ice in the Wife - makes me think of Basic Instinct but that was the Ice Pick in the boyfriend

The Storm of the Female - this could almost work for my project if it didn't conjure up images of some B-Grade 50's horror with abnormally tall and pissed off women destroying the world ... perhaps all cloned from Germaine Greer!

The Sleeping Memory - makes me think of Paul's podcasts 'Salvage the Good Times?' - he will probably disagree and remind me that I got the title wrong because I'm too lazy to go back and check.

Game in Scent - this could have been the working title of Paul Susskind's novel Perfume

The Slithering Person - seriously - I'm not going here as it makes me think of too many creepy ex boyfriends

The Door of Voyages - something HG Wells may have written?

Eyes in the Hunter - what!!??

Silk of the Door - an Arabian Harem novel?

Petals in the Past - sounds like a hybrid Virginia Andrews book that would be authored by VC Andrews!

The Dying Boyfriend - The sequel of Ice in the Wife - he possibly ran foul of her?

Courage in the Illusion - a self help book? ... no that would be courage in the disillusion?

The Theft of Someone - a complex choose your own adventure novel where you choose who is theived and what happens to them?

Feel free to take my titles and imagine what they could be - or generate and post your own. Hell let's call it a meme. After all it seems to be all about procrastination this week. Consider yourself tagged Annie and Paul!


Anonymous said...

good one! i just added up a lot of new emo backgrounds to my blog

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