Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Moon Wishes: Pisces

I've got my trusty New Moon Astrology out again - in preparation for the new moon in Pisces tomorrow lunch time.

Pisces is a big theme in our household with my partner a Pisces and my son's moon in Pisces. It's always been a challenging part of the astrological wheel for me, with three prominent Pisces women in my life causing quite a bit of grief over the years.

It's only recently that I have discovered how well I gel with Pisces men (I'm not surprised now that I have come to share my life with one!) and that there were some close Pisces female friends in my adoloscence.

I've come to the decision that perhaps those Pisces females I clashed with were not given the love and security they needed as young girls and that's what spawned their high maintenance natures and their terrible need to control/manipulate? Discussions late last week seem to show that Pisces, like Sagittarians also seem to flock together.

Personal musings aside, Jan Spiller's book suggests that the Pisces new moon is a good time to make wishes associated with:

- imagination
- inner happiness
- psychic sensitivity
- trust
- mystical awareness
- spiritual healing
- compassion
- releasing helplessness

It's also a good time for asking for healing with colds, feet, the lymphatic system and poisoning/toxicity. I've been doing pretty well with my no sugar life style - but perhaps asking for some extra support wouldn't go astray?

I'll be back tomorrow after the new moon to share my wishes for this lunar cycle.

Image: Pisces by Kirk Reinert

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cara said...

I'm a pisces, and I've had some other pisces women I've bonded with and some I have no patience with.
Coincidentally, I've only really known one Pisces guy,years ago, and we were a lot alike... too much to date but perfect to be great friends.