Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Vision in Perpetual Motion: Professional Development

Number 10 on my action plan (which I have renamed my list of intentions!) was a committment to professional development in 2009. When I wrote it as a dot point I had in mind a couple of things.

The Artists' Way
The first thing that I wanted to do to support, nurture and allow myself to grow as an artist and writer was to do The Artist Way again. This will be the third time and I looking forward to busting through some more of my blocks. I've already revealed one - which I'll write about in another post. I'm also hoping to do Vein of Gold or something else by Julia Cameron, and I've also noted Paul mention Natalie Goldberg's Writing Down the Bones: freeing the writer within. Sounds like an interesting read.

Queensland Writer's Centre
Looking through the Queensland Writer's Centre's booklet of course for 2009 I was drawn to a couple of courses - in February the Short Story and Critiquing Master class, and Kate Eltham's Short Story development series that kicks off in April. I haven't booked in yet - but have it on my to do list. I was also intending to get myself on the Novel of the Year course - to assist me in getting a manuscript finished, but I wasn't organised enough to get myself a spot. It wasn't an imperative and it wont stop me from finishing a manuscript this year.

Byron Bay Writer's Festival
I'm also intending to go to the Byron Bay Writers Festival again this year. Definitely with Annie as my partner in crime and possibly also with my soul sister Karen to celebrate her 40th birthday. I learnt so much from being there last year, plus it was a great time away from my family to recharge and enjoy time by myself, to immerse myself with others who love to write and read.

National Novel Writing Competition
While this is a dot point in itself on my list of intentions for writing this year - I also view it as professional development, because each year that I do it, I learn something else about myself as a writer, the craft of writing and the committment to write. Therefore it deserves a mention here!

I'll also be continuing on with my writer's circle here in Brisbane (if I'm welcome back!) and any online support system that grows out of this round of AW. I'm also trying to commit to networking more on line, reading more blogs and forming new association through this. However being time poor, I do what I NEED to do first (and reality that is write) and then I'll try to get around to reading and meeting new people!

For me, professional development is about continuing to push myself and break through the blockages (and for writers and artists there are so many!) that keep me from realising my dream to write, to be read and for others to pay for the enjoyment. And also to keep honing and improving my skills as a writer.

What professional development are you considering to support yourself as a writer this year?

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