Friday, October 5, 2007

Fiction Friday: Bye baby bunting

This Week’s Theme: Use the first line of a nursery rhyme (your choice) to start your own story.

"Bye baby bunting, Daddy's gone a-hunting"
"Bye bye love, bye bye sweet caress."
"Bye bye Miss American Pie."
"Bye Bye black bird"

"I give up!"
"One to me - your turn now."

With a sigh they both fell back down into the pile of the pillows on the bed and stared at the ceiling. The warm summer breeze blew the sheer lace curtains inwards, brushing the tops of their upturned faces.

"One more turn and whoever loses cuts the cheese cake and pours the wine."

She rolled onto her side, with a cheeky smile, singing the first nursery rhyme that came into her head.

"Ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross."
"Whaaht! I don't even know that one."
"You don't have to know the rhyme - just get on with it. Ride."

"Ride Sally, ride."
"Ride on time."
"Bah-bowh! That's the song name - lyrics are right on time. Got to get up, got get up ... da da da."

"You're not old enough to know that!"
"Ahhhhh - makes me your toy boy then and I know lots of stuff even if I am younger than you. And you're cutting the cheese cake, unless you can come up with a lyric. Tick .... tick .... tick."

He began to nuzzle her long slender neck, out stretched ... ripe to be kissed and caressed. Her head craddled in the palm of her hand. He could ever so faintly feel her carodid pulse beneath his lips, gathering pace.

"I can't concerntrate when you do that."

She gently pushed him away and sat up to stare at the posters on the wall. They weren't giving up any clues and she struggled to think of a song lyric

"Really .... You can't concerntrate when I kiss you like this."

He began kissing her neck again to annoy her rather than distract her, just to see if she would take the bait and bite.

"Yes reeeee-allly ... and you know how much I hate losing."
"No you just hate pulling the cork out the bottle in case it breaks and I make fun of you."
"Shush! I'll think of one."

"How about ride me all night long."
"In your dreams sick boy. And it's shook me all night long and I can't stand ACDC. It doesn't count."

"Ahh ACDC ... ride on, standing on the edge of the road, ride on, thumb in the air. ride on, one of these days I'm gonna. ride on, change my evil ways."
"That's two to me and none to you."

He began to hum the music from Perfect Match.

"How do you know all this eighties crap when you weren't even born!"
"I was so born - just still shitting my pants."
"Nice and I give up. Cake?"
"Yes please!"

He smiled and folded his arms behind his head, as he lay back.

"I can't believe you made me cheese cake."
"Not just cheese care - lemon cheese cake with pineapple and lime jelly on the top. Hope you know that I had to actually go out and buy the cake tin to make this."
"I'm honoured."

"No you are sick."
"Apparently with syphillis according to your mother."
"She didn't say that - she just said to check that it wasn't syphillis. She works in Sexual Health so everything is in that frame."
"Well the rash on the palms of my hands looks nothing like syphillis."

"It's apparently a strange place to have a rash."
"Yes it is."
"In your learnered opinnion."
"Yes in my learnered opinnion. How's the cake coming along."

She was carefully freeing the jelly top from the sides of the cheese cake tin, allowing the cake to come out perfectly.

"Not too bad. I don't think I left any jelly at home in the bottom of the fridge. Last time I tried this the tin didn't hold shut properly and all the jelly ran into the bottom of the fridge."

"Do you love me?"
"Love is a many splendid thing. Love lifts us up."
"Do you know the whole bit from Moulin Rouge."
"Hmmmm .... I used to."

"But do you love me?"
"That's a loaded question if its a question and not a lyric."

She placed the plates of cheese cake down on the dressing table and sat at the bottom of the bed staring straight at him. There was a small red wine stain in her white shirt. He was with her when she bought the shirt. He used his Coles Myer employee card and she'd seen the ex girlfriend’s name on the card. She looked bothered, but she laughed it off saying she was broke and could use the 5% discount that it got her.

He felt bad, felt that he had to explain it all ... and it all came out. How he'd invested all his time and energy into getting her through year 12 and hadn't got the marks he'd wanted to follow his dream into medicine. He was studying nursing instead and she'd dumped him at the end of exams. Such a waste.

"Did you love Liz?"
"Did you love Mark?"
"What a stupid question. Mark and I were screwing ... it was an arrangement."

"But you were still cut."
"I was peeved. I gave him a chance to be honest and he didn't."
"So is that what this is. Is this an arrangement too?"

"Where has all of this come from. One minute were singing silly song lyrics and the next thing you're asking me if I love you."
"I feel as though if we don't have this conversation right here, right now we'll never have it and you'll be gone."

The shrilling of the boom gate alarms cut through is thoughts. He was too late. The train was pulling out of the station. He pressed redial on his phone as the boom gates came down infront of him, barring his way to the train station.

"I'm sorry. I'm at the crossing."
"That's OK. It means a lot that you made the effort to come to the station. I'm just sad we didn't get to say good bye properly. I can see you at the crossing. I'm waving."

"I'm really sorry, this wasn't how I wanted it to end."
"It's OK, really it is. We'll keep in touch?"
"Yes, we'll keep in touch. Have a safe trip home. I'll miss you."

For a moment he thought he could say I love you but the moment passed and the phone was dead. The train trundled through the crossing, gathering speed on its way out of town and towards Sydney. He realised only after she was gone, that he'd let a good thing slip away and it need not have been this way.
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Rose Dewy Knickers said...

Very interesting story in, dare I say, metaphor and cliche. Love the mixture of fables and nursery rhymes.

Thanks for stopping by.



paisley said...

noooo... i want him to pull the emergency stop cord,, and come running back thru the fog and then they hold on to each other and she cries and the noise of the train steaming off into the sunrise becomes the soundtrack.....

oh this was excellent.....

Jo said...

Oh you're such a romantic Paisley LOL. I like that it ends this way (though what does that say about me?). I enjoyed the read, thanks --you made the characters very real in a short space!

gautami tripathy said...

Why is that we realise our mistakes afterwards?

~willow~ said...

Oh no, how sad! btw, I really could relate to the "song lyric challenge" game they played, I tend to do something similar sometimes, kinda nice to know I'm not alone, LoL!

Jodi Cleghorn said...

Rose - I didn't even realise really what I was writing with the metaphors and cliches .. only realised this morning when I woke up that 'ride' fitted in as well. I couldn't have 'planned' it better had a tried!

Paisley - I did no pick you as a romantic.

Jo - didn't have to dig too deep to find the characters!

GT - because we're human. I think we have the capacity to believe that good things will never end, or afraid to think they will.

Willow - its funny the games people play. It popped into my head while I was out driving and the other lyrics came tumbling out ... a game similar to this one, but with song sound bites was once played on a Saturday night between a boy and a girl who were in a relationship holding pattern!

Thanks all for all your comments - I love Fiction Friday ... its the highlight of ever week for me!

danae sinclair said...

Jodi, sorry it took me so long to get around to leaving a comment - I really enjoyed this story, you certainly have a way to draw us in!

I love how all the little details and dialogue went towards establishing the scene, the history and the rapport between the characters...great stuff!

Paul said...

I know that feeling in that last paragraphs all too well, and it's brought a lot of it back now. Powerful stuff.