Sunday, November 18, 2007

The 33 Year old Virgin

In the last few months I've had some moments where I've got to be a virgin ... you know, got to do something for the very first time.

Back in about June, I think it was, I bought my first every take out coffee. One wonders how I got to 33 without every having done take out coffee. I guess its always something, when I did drink it (now its only special occassions or when in dire need of staying awake!) it was always like a luxury gourmet item, best had in with friends. The other things was, I worked for a long time in hospitality and was able to make my own short black as I arrived for work in the morning - about the only perk of the job. When I had my two take out coffees, my short black and my friends latte, there seemed to be a spring in my step. Was it that I thought I looked supercool with my holder and two coffees (I hope not!) or was it the thrill of doing something for the very first time (I hope so!)

  • What have you done recently for the very first time?
  • As we got older do the opportunities expand or contract to do things for the first time?
  • What is something you desperately want to do before you turn 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 - or whatever your next big milestone birthday is.


Smiler said...

Today I threw all my boyfriend's clothes all over the floor. Not something I'm particularly proud of. We're in what you'd call a "it's complicated" category relationship. The throwing of clothes was new. And I hope not something I will repeat.

I think as we get older the possibilities of doing something new CAN expand, we just have to look harder for new things, and we have to be willing to try them. Before I turn 40, I'd like to lean to control my temper and know who to trust, who not.

I see you're a fellow NaNoWriMo participant, and you're doing very well with your word count. Bravo! I hit just over 32K yesterday. Hoping to get to 34 tonight. That will depend on how much procrastinating I do.

Well anyway, it's been a pleasure meeting you, Michele sent me over today, but I will bookmark and come in to check on you on occasion.

Becky68 said...

Michele sent me tonight, I don't have anything as dramatic as Smiler to tell you about, I am, however, trying to teach my oldest child to drive a stick shift car (my only car- so it's not a choice) It is a lot more challenging than I thought it would be, I've been driving for 23 years & I learned on a stick shift so it's second nature by now- I just don't think about it anymore. Getting back to basics & breaking it down to specifics to try to help her learn is very challenging!

Jerry in Tampa said...

Jodi - AWESOME Blog!!!!!
*the opportunities are there, we have to continue to look..
*see my 1st grandchild!!!!

Hello, Michele sent me. And I will be back!

Jerry in Tampa

Anonymous said...

My recent firsts:

1) Going to College
2) Trying Hummos
3) Recognizing phrases in Arabic songs and being able to translate them into English. (On some subconcious level it's finally sinking in!)
4) Ordering a coffee from Starbucks.
5) Felt like I was doing so much at the same time that nothing is being done well. I generally can juggle things without much complication, but not right now.

d sinclair said...

good questions Jodi... funny, I've been considering myself a virgin lately too...mostly on account of 'revirginising' (as my dear friend sally says).. that is not really a metaphor, it simply means no sex!

but i digress;

1. i feel a bit like most things are new again since having the baby
2. as i get older the more i recognise how other things done for the first time were never really experienced to their fullest.
3. before i turn 40 i want to be really truly loved

xx d

Dalissa 365 said...

1. I really want to travel to Europe before I become too old and decrepid.
2. I'd love to meet you and Dan in person someday... sooner as opposed to later. Like, maybe in the next two years if at all possible.
3. I'd love to write a book, finish it and actually have it published and be successful... is that too much to ask?
4. I'd love to travel across the US to California especially to see the Redwood Forest. I love trees and the idea of really big ones excites me.

ps: Woohoo to you on almost 35,000 words!