Tuesday, November 6, 2007

NaNo a Slow Go

Well ... after all the bravado leading up to NaNo and a kicking start ... two days in conference, plus travel, next to no sleep on Friday night before the Conference began (short couch and partying neighbours who will still hard at it on Saturday morning, 7am as we got in our cab!), and a hangover of extreme tiredness, combined with a terrible creative block has seen that my word count has not shifted since November 2nd. Sigh ...

However, last night as I was creeping into bed at 9pm, barely able to keep my eyes open long enough to make it to the pillow, I realised a new way of approaching the first chapter which left me feeling as though I'd left the creative block behind.

Then this morning was lucky enough to have my first session of kinesiology with a lovely new friend I met at the Goddess conference - which put me back into my body (something I had been feeling keenly since being away in Sydney) and clearing the energy blocking among other things, my creativity. So thinking I'm ready and rearing to go ..

Special thanks to Catherine - your post got me inspired when I read it this morning. Got the feeling that others are counting on me to have their questions answered in regards to these characters .. I have made a committment to bring them to their fullest glory and I must follow through ...as Julia Cameron says .... its already all out there, in its entirety - we just have to open ourselves and be the conduit to put it down. Now I'm feeling grounded again I believe I can get on with the business of birthing these characters and my story.... Thank you

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