Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Tuesday Tic

.... to explain. My darling friend Annie and I have had a long standing joke for many years now. Whenever something really gets our goat, and when we're sharing whatever is p*ssing us off, we always joke (because comic relief never goes astray when your about to blow a gasket!), with a little play acting and go 'tic tic tic' - with the obvious subtle head jerks to accompany. It's only when something is really bad do we welcome the 'tic tic tic'. It's that moment where your body is giving you the 'whoa she's going blow' warning - you all know what I mean.

Maybe its my PMT, maybe its the weather, but I've got enough pent up stuff to blow up an entire small Pacific Island at the moment. Many different cultures and paths, expouse 'speaking our truth' ... but very few of us do it ... even fewer of us constructively purge or utilise the anger and annoyance that inevitably builds in us. So I have created 'The Tuesday Tic' as a place to come a purge whatever has been getting on your goat in the last week (and does anyone know where the colloquialism 'getting on your goat' comes from?

So welcome ... and may your purge bring you peace and harmony ... or if all else fails, a snarky middle finger to whomever or whatever ... and please spread the word among friends and colleagues ..


Jodi Cleghorn said...

I dont quite know where to begin but there are two things that readily jump to mind.

The first is RAZORBLADES. In this case, more is not better ... its definitely got to have been a man compensating for deficiencies elsewhere, who designed multiple razorblade disposable heads. Have we as a consumerist culture forgotten that the best shave come from a single blade. In the last week I've tried to replace the very simple double blade heads that Dave has been using ... but can I - no! The least amount I can find is 'three' and then it would mean buying a new razor to put them on. ARGH!! I dont have the time to cruise through every supermarket trying to find the blades we used to be able to buy and I absolutely refuse to spend $16 on four razorblade heads (because I think they all have four blades in each head!) Gripe number one.

Second one, is women who continue to trot out misinformation and in turn continue to fuel the fear mongering around birth. I was at a BBQ on the weekend where a woman told me, and all the other women present, how she had a Caesarean and was glad of it because of disproportion - you know head and hips. I wanted to slap her ... if you're going to blame your surgery on your body's obvious dysfunctional qualities at least get the anatomy correct - its head and pelvic disproportion and except in very few numbers (though they are rising due to the fact the major abodminal surgery has circumvented survival of the fittest among 'modern women.'

Big deep breathe ... and who's next?

Anonymous said...

LOL this is a great Tuesday theme. I instituted "Teusday Talk" several weeks ago on mine; just so that I would still have one day where I could blog about whatever the heck I wanted to.

My tic for today would have to be rubbernecking. O.k., so I'm Muslim, and I wear a head scarf on my head. But as far as I know in our culture it is still considered rude to stare, and to allow your head to turn almost like an owl's, so that you can continue to stare. Yeah, that's my tic for the day.

David said...

if you can NaNoWriMo, the leats I can do is read.... hello -
saw your comment at michele's
tic tic tic
I like that...

Dak-Ind said...

greetings! i noticed you are a first timer at michele's so i had to come visit! tuesday tic is a good idea! i never can write about what tics me off on my blog because its supposed to be read by my family and friends, and they are the ones who usually piss me off :)