Thursday, November 8, 2007

NaNo - a week in review

Well - its going to get a bit boring here on the blog with NaNo occupying whatever small bits of mental energy that are left. In a week I have:

  • been off to a flying start - put down over 4000 words in the first two days (and that was missing out on Friday evening due to beer and great conversation)
  • didn't write solidly (ie. to the word count or to even a 100 word count) for three days
  • had a panic attack to realise how far behind you can get in three days
  • had a terrible creative block on day 3-5 on page two of the first chapter
  • got through the block - realising again that resistance is futile and that sometimes you have to chop things out (like cancer I guess) if you want to keep going forward.
  • discovered that in the purging there were beautiful gems that could be kept and really helped to further round out characters.
  • discovered that I can get lost in the page - though its not (yet?) the lusty sensual melodramatic ficiton I wrote as a teenager.
  • learnt the art of patience, as I've wanted to write but have shared my computer with Dylan.
  • met and discovered deep secrets and insights into my main character Abby - which I can't wait to explore further
  • allowed my nasty antagonist to step out of the shadows to follow his own story (Jeff Harrington)
  • welcomed a new character, Vi Jenson in as campaign manager and keeper of the secrets
  • discovered the being behind is not failing, its just running the race in a different fashion - taking a leaf out of the race book of Melbourne Cup winner 'Efficient' who won yesterdays race basically from behind!
  • been blessed with the encouragement or anticipation of beautiful friends who are travelling this NaNo path, or sharing my experience of this part of the journey.
  • ended the week with 10, 060 words, just short of a whole days writing behind.

Good night .... and perhaps another taster tomorrow ...

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