Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tuesday Tic

.... to explain. My darling friend Annie and I have had a long standing joke for many years now. Whenever something really gets our goat, and when we're sharing whatever is p*ssing us off, we always joke (because comic relief never goes astray when your about to blow a gasket!), with a little play acting and go 'tic tic tic' - with the obvious subtle head jerks to accompany. It's only when something is really bad do we welcome the 'tic tic tic'. It's that moment where your body is giving you the 'whoa she's going blow' warning - you all know what I mean.

So I have created 'The Tuesday Tic' as a place to come a purge whatever has been getting on your goat in the last week (and does anyone know where the colloquialism 'getting on your goat' comes from? So welcome ... and may your purge bring you peace and harmony ... or if all else fails, a snarky middle finger to whomever or whatever has been giving you grief.


Jodi Cleghorn said...

The fact that nothing readily springs to mind means obviously I've had a pretty mellow week ...

I guess the only think that really irks me at the moment, is that it's taken me so many bloody years to make it to a point where I am willingly, enthusiastically and energetically investing in some profound healing for myself. But as they say - better late than never ... or in the infamous words of the Golden Girls ... better late than pregnant!

Karen van Harskamp said...

Let's see - woke up at 5 am with a puncture mark on my mouth and what amounted to a really bad plastic surgery episode happening to my face - spent 2 hours with an ice pack on one side of my face before heading to work looking like Melanie Griffith before the paparazzi get to her. Allergic reaction continued all day - couldn't eat, speak or dribble controllably without conscious effort - had to attend staffing meeting with two principals who had not informed us of their agendas and had instead allowed us to spend days negotiating with our 10+ staff each and all the related management to work out timetables - only to find out that the document I had worked days on was going to have to be rewritten in the 15 minutes before my scheduled meeting as other management emerged revealing what ACTUALLY needed to be done according to executive agendas - all the while trying to work out how I could maintain my daughter's family day care mum arrangements for 2008 within a rigid timetable. Yay - great fucking day... :o) Oh yeah, now I can move onto the budgets for non-existent funds in our state school systems and my year 11 marking that should have been done weeks ago but I was tied up with pointless crap in the meantime. Dasol - the end.

Anonymous said...

My gripe does not relate to the recent week, more like the past four years. I took my children to a friend's 5 year-old birthday party at our local swimming pool yesterday. In fact the birthday boy was sharing his party with two other kinder friends which meant a lot of children and their parents. I thought it natural that as a parent I would want to be where my children are - particularly around water. So I donned my bathing suit and jumped in the not too warm water of the "big pool". It was all going well, my four year-old is finally finding her confidence in deep water and my toddler just loves to float around in his life-jacket. But before I knew it the pool was full of young children barely touching the bottom or able to hold themselves comfortably in water. I was the only parent in the water with, at one point, 13 children. Some mums acknowledged their child while others sat on chairs and enjoyed the sun and company of others. Yes, there was a life guard present, but I am not a person who can ignore responsibility and leave it up to them. I felt compelled to keep an eye on every child including my own.
This seems to be a pattern. During the winter when my family travels to weekend football games, I am the mum at the playground providing motherly, nursing, disciplinary and sometimes vocabulary (curbing) advice.
Perhaps I should feel complimented that mums recognise me as a suitable person to care for or look out for their children, and I do if the mums are friends. But often I am left with children I don't know, rescuing them from ridiculous heights or potential bullying situations.
I would love the opportunity to sit pool-side and enjoy a chat or cut some laps, or watch my husband play football, but as a parent I make sacrifices. I definately want to be there if my son falls from the play equipment or takes to another child in an effort to exercise self-justice.
Come on! Be attentive and responsible parents.

Hmmm. Jo this has been very good therapy. It could become a habit.

Anonymous said...

What makes me annoyed is, it is hard enough to keep your own house in order when you are a new parent and you are honest about it to friends and visitors who then smugly tell you they are able to keep their house always clean and tidy even though they are a single parent, why can't you manage it when you have a partner? Then you one day happen to go around to their house and it is a filthy, messy pit that you wouldn't want your child to crawl around in! (Always reminds me of the saying, 'an untidy house means an untidy mind')You think to yourself, Hmm, maybe they were having a bad day, a cyclone went through, or the dog did it! Then after the third visit you realize, No, this is how they actually live! Why would they say things like that and make you feel like sh*t when you are struggling at the start of parenthood? If anything, it does make me feel better about my place now, I think it is quite tidy and clean after seeing hers!

Phew, that feels better alright!!

Thanks Jodi,
Love Julie

Anonymous said...

Actually here is another thing that really p*sses me off!!
I never judge other parents on how they bring up their child/ren, so why do other parents (in-laws are most guilty of this) feel they have the right to judge me!! I always get the third degree from my husbands sister and also his brother's wife. This is something that really makes me mad and sometimes makes it hard to want to go to family events when you know what is going to come!
Why can't they just mind their own f*cking business!!

Love Julie