Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Birthday

Happy Mothers Day to those beautiful and hardworking Mums who may be reading this today. I know that not every country is celebrating/honouring motherhood ... but hey, as a mothers we should be celebrated and honoured every day.

This was the first mothers day in four years that I have actually enjoyed. I spent my first mothers day in bed sick with a cold, then the second one in Cairns with Dave elsewhere, last year was great until the point of a family meltdown around dinner time ... so this year I went in without any preconceived ideas.

The morning began in Dylan's bed, where I had staggered to as some time after dawn ... having been muscled collectively out of the big bed by Dylan and Dave. Dylan came in with a huge smile on his face, gave me a big hug and good morning kiss. He told me that the time was 9:20 (a combination of him telling me what hands were on what numbers) - and thus I began the day thinking I had enjoyed a big sleep in (an hour later I realised that it had been 8:00am and thus had missed out on an hours sleep, but gained an hour of cooking time.)

As I wrote my morning pages there was the rustling of wrapping paper and the chattered that accompanies card making ... Dave getting Dylan to dictate what he wanted to write in my card. I had already been honoured with this beautiful piece of artwork (above on Friday) ... which answered all the questions that had gone unanswered the previous day, as to where his artwork was (as he was covered from head to tow in red paint!).

A while later down came Dave and Dylan. Dylan bouncing onto the bed and chanting 'Happy Mothers Birthday Mum" ... he didn't quite understand that it wasn't a birthday ... so it became all Mums birthdays today, as far as he was concerned.

I got this wonderful card (sadly photographed after the sun went down) ... with the following wording ...

Dear Mummy,

Mummy realls loves this card because its sweet! Happy Mothers Birthday.

Love Dylan

It's now pride of place on my night stand. Dylan doesn't produce a whole heap of craft or artwork, so the little that he does is really special.

Dave hurt his back playing with Dylan yesterday, meaning it was up to me to be a whizz in the kitchen to make dessert. We'd planned to enjoy a joint mothers day lunch with Annie and family, and our contribution was dessert. I'd procrastinated yesterday over what to make - cheesecake, brownies, portugese custard tarts, chocolate ripple log (with lashing of creme de menthe in it!), caramel peanut butter tarts ... decisions decisions decisions. In the end I decided to think about it tomorrow.

I wasn't that upset to be in the kitchen on mothers day - especially considering I was making a new recipe ... a mars bar cheesecake. I had to walk up to the corner shop (grateful for having one now!) and got three Mars Bars ... not a good look at 9:00am. Dylan helped to do some rather vigorous stirring, and drop in the chopped up pieces of mars bar ... then transfer the filling from the bowl into the crust ... before he got interested in something else and left me to finish everything off. In the course of doing this I discovered that my brown sugar didn't want to melt to make a butterscotch sauce and thus had to resort to a can of pre-made caramel. Sounds all very naughty and unhealthy really.

We called all our family, caught up on what's been going on, shared mothers day goodwill and then started getting ready to go out for lunch ... which always seems to take longer than it actually should (I'm blaming it on having a new hair style that requires blow drying.)

The kids played happily at Annie and Adrian's ... the energy at the moment between them is more about cooperation and much less about fighting, which is nice. We had a lovely pork roast cooked by Adrian, along with some champagne liquere cocktails. After lunch the menfolk and children disappeared off to the park and we enjoyed a foot spa, a mini facial and I never buffed my finger nails. Yes - unbelievable I know (perhaps I'll give up biting them now?)

Coffee/tea and more cheese cake later on in the afternoon, more silly jokes (even though the worse of the champagne had worn off) and we ventured into discussions on politics and religion ... mostly about whether Phillip Adams is agnostic or atheist ... so guess we were talking about someone else's religion and politics.

The kids sat down to watch Surfs Up and Dave lying on the loungeroom floor with a hot pack on his back got suckered into it as well. Around 5:00pm Dylan asked when we were going home ... and it was time to go.

Such a relaxing, enjoyable EASY day ... and tomorrow we're off to see comedian Ross Noble (Dave's favourite stand up comedian) We've got front row seats - which is quite possibly quite dangerous seeings Noble bases at least the first half of his shows on just interplay with the audience. Sure that there will be more tales to tell this time tomorrow night.


Carmi said...

Hi there. Jodi. Good to e-see you again: please accept my apologies for being such a blog stranger. Life's been challenging for a bit...sick parents, almost beating each other up to reach the hospital's revolving door.

Your Ma's Day sounds so much like ours. I'm listening to the lovely sounds of silence right now as the kids play together and allow my wife to read quietly with the dog by her side. Bliss.

d sinclair said...

what a great mother's day Jodi!

I didn't get the cup of tea in bed that was promised (baby has a cold so we were up early anyway) but the girls were just gorgeous all day long - playing with each other, making lunch for each other and later the older two took the two middle ones to the park. A pretty normal Sunday really, but I took it as a special day anyway and felt very proud of my efforts as a mother so far... not to mention very lucky :)