Monday, May 26, 2008

Write anywhere

Over the past six months I have had to get over my preciousnss about where I write. As a Mum, the perfect time, space and atmosphere is rare ... and not suprisingly, when it is perfect I cant write.

Learning to be flexible is what has got me writing. And that's a good thing because today I wrote for two hours in the indoor playground that I take Dylan and Lilly to each Monday. This is the first attempt at writing there - in the past I have read, done advertising copy or layout, typed up list of books ... but never gone the whole distance to attempt creative writing there.

I set myself up in what I thought was a 'far away' table ... far away from everyone else but far enough away also from the toilet (I made that mistake last week) By the time I was well into my writing, there was a baby crying at the table right next to me, along with two small girls who seemed to be taking great pleasure in upsetting each other. So be it - after all its a place for parents and kids.

Through the baby crying, the multitude of interuptions, toilet breaks, food stops, encouragement on the Play Station, conversations and gleeful squeals of kids ... I got the first two thirds of my musical musings entry written. Who said you can't wave a magic wand!

Then this evening, with Annie out on a date with her hubby, I cooked pasta for three kids and got them to eat it, bathed, mediated and dressed three kids ... and in between wrote snippets of my story. Refining the story, fleshing out the characters... creating even more twisted endings.

I remember my Dad's second wife Gloria telling me one afternoon, that she had got through university as a mature aged student, with two kids, by utilisin every moment she had .... reading a text book as she cooked most evening. I get what she means now ... and it heartens me to know that I can do it. Just plug that lap top into the power point on the other kitchen bench. Voila!

I wont have my story finished tonight - for once it hasn't quite come out in one big gush, the twists and the turns keep taking me away from where I thought I wanted to go. Plus, I am still unsure of the ending ... even if Paul has given me the out by suggesting I write several endings and see which one people warm to the most (though I doubt anyone is going to warm to any ending that comes with this story!) Something will be up there on the musical musings page tomorrow ... along with the prompt for next week.

Today was the perfect pancea for any of those thoughts that begin with 'but I can't write here ...' Oh yes I can- andso can you. Have lap top ... will travel!

Where is the most unlikely place you have written? Where do you regularly find yourself writing?


Rebecca said...

I'll have to think about that. These days I'm having a hard time writing because I don't feel like I have any "me" time. I started a writing blog so I could force myself to make some time--I have a "responsibility" to participate. Just now I'm sitting down and my son is already awaking from my nap....Sigh.

Jodi Cleghorn said...

I understand exactly where you are coming from Rebecca. I wrote an article earlier this year about the journey into rediscovering 'the self' after the early years of mothering ... and some suggestions on how to keep 'the self' along for the ride.

I'll publish it here on my blog once it physically gone to print.

How old is your son? I wish I had have known about blogging when Dylan was little ... I instead fell into a role as editor of a grassroots birthing and parenting magazine .. and only last year realised that I was using that as a substitute for writing ... so here I am this year writing, and doing my best to support other writers.