Friday, May 23, 2008

Musical Musings: a monday writing meme

Musical Musings - where music and writing collide

For me, music and writing are inseperable. I simply can't write unless I have music on. Unlike others, who need instrumental music, or music without obvious lyrics, I go for music that sets the scene or creates an ambience for where I (think) the stories needs to go.

When I wrote 'Hail Mary' (a story I hopefully will be able to retrieve from a broken USB drive) I took out my 'In the name of the Father' sound track and got the whole story down by the end of the CD. One of those moments where it felt like downloading a story from somewhere - I had the soundtrack I was just creating new images to go with it.

Consequently, I've decided to create a musical writing meme ... with the prompt to go up mid week, for posting the following Monday. Between now and then I will work out how to insert a Mr Linky widget (c'mon how hard can that be - probably famous last words!).

The inaugral prompt comes from Aussie singer and songwriter writer Liam Finn (yes - son and nephew of the famous Finn brothers of Split Endz and Crowded house notoriety). Here goes ....

"Remember me
Well honestly I don't remember who you are
The memory has never been the best, you want a second chance"
From Liam Finn's song 'Second Chance'

If you would like to hear the song or get a feel for the music - the video clip is posted above. It seems to beyond my technophobe abilities to get the youtube window into this post!! And please pass among your writer friends to spread the word.


Smiler said...

Ok, so you'll think I'm daft, but I'd rather ask: are the lyrics and the song meant to give us a general audio background to write with or are we meant to use some of the lyrics as a starting point? Also do we just write however much we're inspired to or is there a word count. I'm quite nervous about attempting fiction again and badly needing guidelines - and there's no such thing as a stupid question, apparently, right?

Paul said...

I've got the same questions as smiler!

Are we writing inspired by the lyrics, or to use it as a background while we write (almost, but not quite, the same thing!)

All questions are good questions...

Jodi Cleghorn said...

I think perhaps go with the lyrics as a starting point - to be there somewhere in the story.

As much as I love Liam Finn at the moment - I don't think I could listen to the same song for an hour while I wrote!! I guess though that different people have different takes on music.

What do you guys think?

Short fiction - 1000 to 2000 words (man I feel like I'm having an English teacher moment!) or this that too specific? Most of what I'm writing is around that at the moment, but it doesn't necessarily mean that's where everyone else is.

I'm guessing you two are at least a tad interested in being part of it. Which means - dont mind me I'm a bit slow - I have some more writing to do this weekend for Monday!! And I've got to work out Mr Linky's link widget as well. No time like the present.

Any other questions - feel free to ask and we'll get it sussed.

Jodi Cleghorn said...

Oh ... and if you dont want to have the actual lyrics in there ... the general theme? I think I'm making even less sense now???

Vienne said...

Sounds great, I'm in! I am frequently inspired by song lyrics. In fact, I used to post snippets of lyrics on my eavesdropping blog when I'd be impatiently waiting to overhear something interesting. You can see what I mean [url=]here.[/url]

As for my Puppet Masters project you asked about, I find it to be a great exercise in spontaneity as a writer. It's hard to relinquish control of my plot and characters to readers, but also very exciting. I let it fall by the wayside a bit while I got my first novel draft going, but I plan to resurrect it soon. Cheers, Vienne

Smiler said...

I think you're making perfect sense. The trick is some people like to have lots of guidelines and some don't. But since you're starting this prompt all that is for you to decide. Doesn't that make you feel powerful? :-D

Rebecca said...

I like the idea of this--I'm going to try to find time to participate some weeks.

I'm different from you though: I can't write if I'm listening to music. It's too distracting.