Friday, May 30, 2008

Mercurial Observations 2

It's been a few days since I've blogged anything about this current cycle of Mercury Rx. In the past few days the following things have happened:
  • Dylan's kindy got a new assistant which meant Wednesday I needed to stay back at kindy for an hour to help Dylan with the transition (it was also kindy open day and it was organised, blissful chaos - and didn't want to make life any more difficult than it was for the kindy Director). This meant I was an hour late getting to the cafe for my cup of tea, my morning pages and meeting Annie, before taking in our weekly movie.

  • The Babes in Arms screening was switched times - from 10:30 to 10:10 - so I'd missed Annie at the cafe and she'd given up on the movie because I hadn't shown. Thankfully I'd double checked at the desk the day before as to which movie was the Babes in Arms session. The girl at the ticket booth didn't seem to know what was going on - gave me the movie for the $8.50 the babes in arms session is (bonus!) and off I went. Saw '21' - awesome movie!!

  • In all of the above, my mobile was flat so wasn't able to ring Annie - she deduced that I'd been abucted by Ninjas.

  • Yesterday Dylan sprayed stay in conditioner onto the TV screen and into the control buttons below the screen and seized the TV. Thankfully after a day of sitting there doing not a lot, the moisture seems to be dissapated and we're back to TV as usual. I should also add - that Dylan has NEVER done anything crazy like this before - and looked at me blankly when I asked him what possessed him to think spraying the conditioner into the control buttones was a good idea.

I've also given up trying to get through The Magician and picked up The Time Travellers Wife from the library today. 17 pages into it ... and I'm hooked. Mercury Rx seems to be a good time to me, to be reading about time travel.

And finally, in regards to the 'writers block' that I had been warned of - well it's transpiring more to be an apathy towards writing, rather than a actual block. I need to sit down and just write. Those famous words again.

And everyone else - how are you faring?

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