Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mercurial Observations

Mercury went retrograde yesterday. 'What's that?' you ask. Mystic Medusa sums it up brilliantly in her most recent Mercurial Musings "Mercurial Bats: Blithe Spirit":

Mercury is the mythological Messenger of the Gods and the planet that rules such phenomena as e-mails, couriers, gadgets, computers, phones, letters. In short, communications and intellect. Three times a year it goes ‘retro’ and can produce complete utter chaos. Mercury Retrograde rules missed calls, delayed flights, lost data and stupid vile misunderstandings.

Activities to be avoided include:

  • signing contracts (or singing them as I've just typed three times!)

  • Buying big items - especially electrical equipment, phones and computers

  • making significant moves or life altering decisions

  • beginning a book, a marriage or a business

  • gossiping

For us writers it's a great time to enjoy our favourite old novels (especially if writer's block is biting!)

With all the communication and travel bungles, combined with what Mystic has intuited for this period, to be 'trouble with locks' ... there's always some great stories going around about what's happening with this energy. For example:

  1. Dylan somehow converted the language setting on my mobile phone to German (while he was playing Sonic in Spanish!) and I have no idea where the language setting is ... oh and I can't read German to be able to find it.

  2. In addition to changing the language (if that was not bad enough!) he has also replaced the text writing setting so now I've got predictive text back (and whoever thought that was a time saving device was sorely deluded!) so my phone for texting is useless. And again - can't fix it because everything is in GERMAN!

  3. Leaving Annie's house this morning ... I decided to take Annie's advice and do the Indianna Jones under the electric garage door trick ... got under only to discover the door had bounced back up. Then worried that I'd trip the alarm ... only to reset the alarm and then trip it ... all at the same time I was trying to get the electric door to go all the way down and yell to Dylan that I'd be in the car in a moment. In the end I gave the alarm the middle finger, as well as the electric door (when it did finally go all the way down!) and left via the front door.

  4. My spam has amped up - and now I'm not just getting the Nigerian bank transfer scam (in all its shapes and sources), but emails about pills, computer programs that I've never had.

  5. My MSN messenger continues to turn itself off for no reasons

  6. If my cat could talk - he'd mention the fact that when we stayed over at Annie's house last night ... he got locked out of the house and had to sleep outside for the first time in his 16 years!! Poor puddy tat.

But on the other hand ... Annie's internet woes were fixed (it alway seems a fortuitious time to fix existing issues ... my burner suddenly started working for the first time in 18months Mercury Rx in January!) and I finally got on their wireless network. So it's not all bad.

As I mentioned a few days ago ... I'm back reading Magician again - but in true Mercury Rx mode ... I decided today that I wished I'd chosen to re-read Dean Koontz's Lightning, which I've never had a chance to read again. Ahh ... the wisdom of hindsight ... and that's what Mercury Rx is all about!

What interesting computer, telecommunication, electrical, locking or travel issues have you had in the past few days? (Honestly - in hindsight they're always hillarious!)


Wild Iris said...

Mercury must have struck early on this side of the world. Most businesses (including my employer) use a particular ISP, and a nasty line of storms knocked out a few of their communications hubs. The net for that ISP was down statewide. Not to mention a family member an I spent the weekend sniping at each other. We're all good now though.

Dave said...

Ironically, things only just started to go right on my drilling program the day that Mercury went retrograde! But you already know my opinion of lumps of rock spinning in space affecting our daily lives ;-)
PS Can't belive you didn't like Joyce!!!

d sinclair said...

sometimes mercury retrograde can bring good things... yesterday I discovered I overpaid an old debt by quite a lot - and although I had to jump through a few beaurocratic hoops to sort the matter out - I'll now be getting a cheque in the post! (it may or may not be delayed - but who cares!!)

merc retrograde for me always means looking back through my journals and refreshing my perspective on things... going over old ground sometimes helps us to realise just how far we really have travelled.

d x

Anonymous said...

Hi Jodi,
not sure if this will help, but there might be a menu item called 'Einstellung' (settings), then find something like 'Sprache' and from there English should be pretty obvious.
I'm only guessing as my Nokia only has Asian languages, but i'm sure if you have a bit of a play, you'll be able to find it!