Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Led Zepplin Disco Ninja

Yes you read correctly ... Led Zeppling Disco Ninja was how Ross Noble came out on stage tonight describing himself. His long curly brown, going-to-dreadlocks, hair makes him a dead ringer for a 70's rocker. Then there was the shirt - the black flared at the wrists shirt with groovy electric blue, flame like embellishments at the sleeve ... and then there was the black pants and the electric blue shoes.

The man is a dynamo of a comic. He comes to the gig with three jokes and that's it. All the rest is ad lib ... through audience participation and his own brand of split personality acting/laughfest, impersonation, mime, a bit of singing in there.

And he goes ... and goes and goes and goes. There seriously has to be energiser batteries in the man. He did just over an hour set in the beginning, the there was intermission, another hour or more ... plus questions at the end.

The stalker lady from Spicks and Specks was there - she saw 32 of the Spicks and Specks live shows (now that's creepy) last year. She's only going to see Ross twice - probably lucky for him.

I thought I would laugh more, or laugh harder ... it was just one constant laugh. Dave had tears streaming out his eyes. It was either the comedy or the pain in his back (possibly a combination of the two)

I'd love to reminisce more about the Algerian national anthem, of bum dancing in taxi, Hippogimps, Nanna Jelly Sex and other suck delights from the show - but its well past midnight and I need more beautiful sleep.

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