Wednesday, March 12, 2008

As within, so without

I'm not sure if I've got the maxim word for word correct, but wise woman Dan will correct me I am sure. The battle with the boils (and myself) continues ... and the signposts abound in the world around me.

I finally acknoweldged the other day that my fridge is a terrible clutter. I've completely lost track of what I've put in there and while it's not quite at the point of things hurtling out of he fridge I'm preparing myself. It was in a steady decline before Dave's party, but that really tipped the fragile balance over the edge. I'm certain that there are all manner of things in there that have long passed their due by date. A familiar concept?

Then there's my vegie/herb garden. Looking at the little plot yesterday I see that its overgrown with a number of things that I dont even want in there. The camphor basil has gone nuts - despite being hacked at twice now. It just runs riot over the top of everything else and while its probably great for keeping the nasty bugs at bay ... nothing else is getting a chance to grow. And there is the border of plants that I kept when I dragged everything else out of there to plant the herbs, vegies and roses. They are now four deep into the garden, taking up valuable space. It's time that they went and so did the camphor basil. They've run their course. Another familiar concept.

The final signpost was the washing machine. It didn't work properly last night and I left it there for a more thorough investigation this morning. Suprise suprise (well not really!) it wont drain. The Universe is lavishing with many gifts in the world beyond as to what's up within ... thought and behaviour patters, beliefs that are all beyond their use by dates and need to be ditched. Ideas that are of no use that are cluttering up the otherwise fertile garden of my imagination, that need to be culled. And draining ... well as I desperately wait for something to happen with my boil so it will drain - I realise that there'a rising wave of grief within and its time to let the tears spill.

It's all there, just as Dan keeps writing, we just have to take notice. And the gifts from the Universe have been plentiful in regards to this .... thank goodness for my kinesiology session tomorrow.

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d sinclair said...

Jodi...repeat after me:

"even though I have these boils and clutter and overgrown garden and the washing machine isn't draining, I forgive myself, love and accept myself deeply and completely..."

d x