Thursday, March 13, 2008

On the move

I've had to rethink what I conceptualise a miracle as - I think. I believe now that a miracle is something that you dont need to understand in order for it to work.

Today I had my much anticipated appointment with my kinesiologist. I told her the story to date with the boils (she's been my healer for the past five months and travelled the rather intense journey) and she nodded through it, occassionally taking some notes. At the end she looked at me and asked me what I wanted to do today (later she told me, that listening to my story she wondered what else there was?) I suggested that she just have a look, perhaps ask my body if there was more ... because for the life of me I didn't know what I was missing. I was ready to let it all go.

After investigating, Jacqui told me that there was an 'energy implant' along the liver line, which included the area of thigh where the boil is. She said it was a hanger on from a past life,that it wasn't of this world and it was holding/blocking my body from releasing everything. This is the second time she's gone after 'energy' in my body that's not meant to be there. Pressing down on the point on my thigh, after a while there was a sharp pain in my boil and I felt something shift.

When I went to the toilet after our session (and the ensuing chat afterwards) I felt down to see what was up with the boil - and you guessed it, it had already begun to shift. Instead of being a very hard lump it had softened and flatten ... incredible!! It was the first time in eight days that it had felt different ... and my energy had returned as well. Once the energy implant had shifted, Jacqui worked on reconnecting me to my inner beauty (that antidote for all of that negative feeling aboutbeing worthless etc)

So now, as I head off to bed ... the lump, flattened and softened as it has, has risen up. I've also had a terrible pain in my abdomen and really feel like stuff is moving through me. That moment that seems to linger before you body has a huge purge ... I'm waiting!!

I've also been taking liquid silica since this morning ... many thanks to the friend who gifted me the referral to silica (I can't remember now who it was that suggested it) It's exciting to be entering into this final phase, the dissolution on this rotation of my spiral journey.

Thanks to all the friends and wise women out there who gifted me wisdom, remedies or their ear to listen to my woes. Hopefully I wont need to write more on this topic, except to say I have learnt much and I'm so grateful for a change in attitude towards illness or disease that allowed me to travel this journey - rather than simply medicated it and missing the lesson in it all. Thanks for sharing it with me.

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