Thursday, March 6, 2008

Back Home

It's been a while ... it's like coming back home. I've needed to tak a break from blogging to be fully into my cocoon. I was originally planning on calling this post 'Metamorphosis' but I dont think I am quite there yet - nor in the headspace to try and share the last few months.

My dear friend Annie just left now, after a lovely morning of chatting and goal setting. One of my new goals (even though they're not really 'goals' per se, they are what Julia Cameron calls 'filling in the form') is to return to blogging every day. My routine has changed somewhat and I'm going to bed earlier at night and reading, rather than sitting at the computer blogging, so my day is going to require yet another shift about to accomodate time for blogging.

Filling in the form is about doing the little things you need to do every day to work towards your artistic passions. Yesterday I finally joined the Queensland Writers Centre, today it was goal setting with Annie (to get some clarity as to what I should be working with and towards) and I'll also get a couple of grey lead pencils for drawing and scribbling stuff down in my diary. I can see clearly how blogging fits with me need to fill in the details - my need to JUST WRITE!

My main problem of late has been committing myself to writing every day ... and that was the joy about blogging every day. It was writing. Perhaps not always meaningful, deep or otherwise, but it was the act of doing. At this point in my fledgling career as a writer I dont want to stall and loose the momentum that I have been building. I know quite a lot of that momentum was generated by blogging and by the interaction with others in the blog-o-sphere. At least two blog postings here are on the drawing board to be revised as articles to send through to magazines and newsletters ... so I've got myself some short term goals again, something to help me fill in the details so to speak.

Earlier this year the question was visited about why so many blogs fade into oblivion and I remember writing at the time, that if I stopped blogging it would mean that I no longer loved writing. Taking a break is not like giving up all together I guess. Stopping blogging every day didn't mean that my love for writing died - it is still as strong as ever. Stopping blogging every day also didn't mean that I had nothing to write about - there were several short and lengthy posts composed in my head that never made it out onto the screen. Stopping daily blogs did have everything to do with needing to take time out to fill up my cup (something I realised with the post on simple luxuries) and also with facing my fear of putting my thoughts and feeling out here again.

Blogging is as much about filling up the cup as it is abou taking from it. I get such great joy in blogging and sharing, that the time taken out of the day and away from other projects really isn't that significant. It's all about balance after all. And it does seem a little strange that I weathered the eye of the storm in regards to the objections of some of those close to what I had written (or more to the point posted to here from other locations) right here - on this blog .. only to be struck with that fear a month later. Yeah - I know that I can be slow. I guess it was a slow burn.

So it's back to the page I go - because no matter how many hours I spend sitting here typing, I will never be able to 'write to a screen' ... the screen will always be the page, and the page will always await with open arms, and baited breath for another literary adventure.

..coming soon 'Metamorphosis'


Kate Eltham said...

Hi Jodi,

Welcome to QWC. We're very happy to have you as a member. I've been enjoying your blog. Best wishes with your writing, I too am committing myself to writing every day. As the song goes, some days are diamonds and some days are stones, but it's good to feel like I'm moving forward.

Kind regards,
Kate Eltham

Jodi Cleghorn said...

Hi Kate,
Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and serendipitously there was mention of QWC. My friend also joined yesterday so we've got a lovely momentum happening between us.

I look forward to reading your blog - I wasn't able to access it through your profile - but I'm sure we'll "bump" into each other at some stage.

Reckless Writer said...

It's funny that while you were away I was pondering upon the same topic. Here's my Metamorphosis.

Square1 said...

*Blush* Sorry that was under my alter ego's handle.

d sinclair said...

welcome back Jodi - I've missed you!

you really needed that break eh?

look forward to more posts love, d x

Jodi Cleghorn said...

Thanks Square and Dan .. I'm glad to be back among my friends. I didn't realise how much I needed to step back and spend time with me ... just wrote a huge long article for DTB about losing and finding the Self again. Once it goes to print I'll put it up here so as not to upset the publishing balance.

When Lee was talking about riffing yesterday on your blog Square (and I love reckless writer ... that's sooooo cool!) it made me think about how wonderful the blog-0-sphere is and how it has that slightly bohemian, musical type quality about it.

I look forward about to reading your metamorphosis ... and interested to know that you've obviously been thinking and feeling similar things.