Friday, March 14, 2008

Trusting in the Universe

I'm too exhausted tonight to give Fiction Friday a crack. I may be in a more creative space tomorrow morning when I get up.

I've been on a writing frenzy getting a story written and edited in time for the deadline for an Australian writing site that is taking original work. The site is a relationship/dating site that is showcasing writing that fits with a monthly theme. We only found out about it on Wednesday and I was caught on the theme 'Marching to a different beat'. In frustration last night I opened up my trusty copy of 'Women Who Run With Wolves' and used it as a creative oracle. As with the last time I used it in this way, I immediately baulked at the paragraph that I had chosen (which belongs to the deconstruction of the story of The Red Shoes) and went to bed. As it turned out a dream came to me in the night. I was able to lie awake contemplating it long enough that the details were still fresh in my mind when I woke up properly this morning.

When I sat and re-read the paragraph my dream had exactly the same themes attached to it. And I sat down, experimenting with First Person, present tense voice and had the most incredible experience writing it. At 2:20 I had to stop because it was time to go and get Dylan from kindy and I realised that I had been holding my breath as I was writing.

This coincides with an email from Chris Baty about the Script Frenzy run by the Office of Light and Letters (the NaNo people) and I'm wondering if I can take this fledging idea in my short story, combined with the other elements of me dream that couldn't see the literary light of day because of a 2000 word limit and write a script?

This is a wonderful reinforcement to me that there is a greater creative force out there, that does want us to be creative, and presents us with gifts aplenty in which to work/play with. This is the second time that I have used a storyline from a dream ... my Adam and Eve installments originated in a dream back in January last year. Interestingly enough - the sinister nature of this short story (entitled Demon Lover) wasn't really that apparent in my dream and I wasn't sure if I truly wove the mesmerising magnetisim of the central male character -because he just dazzled in my dream. And then I got to wondering when I was in the pool - is he really evil after all ... ahh the possibilities.

Now I steel myself for a rejection email .. or perhaps my first piece of paid writing.

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