Tuesday, March 11, 2008

An MP3 player

I finally gave in and got one. Not to carry my music around with me, every where and anywhere .. but to get a digital voice recorder. It's been on my 'to get' list for years but became a pressing purchase when I realised that I couldn't find my old hand held tape recorder.

It looked simple enough to drive ... and the book accompanying it was in English (which is always a good start ... reminding me years ago of being at friends of my parents after Christmas, and them trying to work out how to get the electric can opener working, and the instruction manual was entirely in Japanese!) but either a) I dont read and absorb what I read, or b) I learn best through experience as it seemed to take forever to get anything to work.

Through trial and error I found out how to tune in the FM radio - bonus! Which also taught me how to navigate (ahhh - press the mode button 'in' ... because of course I always thought of that!)But getting it back to the main menu seemed to be beyond me. I was obviously missing something ... ahhh yes, right back here on page one!! Through more experimentation - and no loss of temper, I think I have the basics sorted. I dont feel as much a technofeeb as I feared I might.

And even better, when I recorded my meditation (which was the reason for getting it in the first place) I didn't sound half bad. Maybe I missed my calling as a spoken book reader?

What's been your recent brush with technology and how did you fare?

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