Sunday, March 30, 2008

Just a little crazy

It's the 30th of March today - meaning that there is in reality, just one day left until Script Frenzy begins. It's the stage and screen version of NaNo.

My confession is that I've always wanted to write a movie - just because! And when I saw that the Office of Letters and Light also runss Script Frenzy late last year, it piqued my interest ... but then the caucophony of naysayers in my head started up. All the reasons why I could not possible write a script.

If it hadn't been for Demon Lover I would never have considered signing up ... because lets face it, if you're going to do something, of a literary nature, that you've never done before it helps (well its a bloody good start) if you have at least the tiny seed of an interesting story. So two weeks ago the Universe gifted me the dream from which Demon Lover was born, and my gift back to the universe will be a screen play.

The beauty of this, having never done it before, is that I give myself permission to do it really badly ... after all I am just a beginner at writing scripted dialogue. And there's something incredibly freeing about it. Like NaNo - my script will only be a FIRST DRAFT

I've done some research to find out how to format a script, and read a couple of them (they really are the stark bare bones of what ends up on the screen!), done some more research into the fairy tale from which all of this was intitally born (The Red Shoes) and have started to search out music that I think will fit with it. And well - we'll see what happens. Oh and slowly but surely my characters and a slightly more fleshed out plot are appearing.

Did I also mention, that in additon to having never written a screen play and committing to write 100 pages of script in 30 days, I will also be on holidays for the great part of April, travelling around Tasmania with my family. Another great reason to suggest to myself, that next year would be a better year ... but if I said that, I'd be 70 and suggesting that 71 would be a better year.

Again, I'm lucky enough to have a family that is 100% behind me on this. They don't really have a lot of choice really - seeings we're all going to be travelling together.

Is there anyone else out there who is also attempting Script Frenzy?

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