Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: My fav TV shows 1

Here are my thirteen favourite TV shows, and in no particular order of preference.

Yes - Dr Who, which will come as no surprise to all my friends, or family. Santa bought us Series 2 an 3 of the new incarnation of Dr Who. I remember seeing the Doctor and the Daleks as a small kid - on the black and white TV. My Dad watched the very first series of Dr Who as a kid in Scotland (before they emmigrated here in 1963), I grew up watching it and now a Dylan is a third generation Dr Who fiend. I like the idea that Dr Who (and is David Tennant kind on the eye girls?!) foils the baddies of the universe with his witt, intelligence and a sonic screw driver. Perhaps DT might like to bring his sonic screw driver over to my place and fix my washing machine.

Life on Mars is a recent addition to my stable of favourites and replaced last years 'The Eagle' as my Thursday nigh TV fix. Sam Tyler wakes up in the year 1973 after being in a car accident ... and the unique show goes from there. I caught the final episode last year (so there's much to go back and revisit)It's part 70's cop drama, with 00's slick ... lots of classic one liners as well and music. Oh and by the way - 1973 was also the year I was born so I find it fascinating to see about the year I was born (well the way it was in the UK!)

Chasers War on Everything. I'm in withdrawal with the show currently on hiatus. Known across the world now after the false motorcade stunt they pulled during APEC last year that saw them enter the 'red zone' out the front of the Bush's hotel. Yesterday a Sydney court finally set down a date in July to hear the charges bought against the 11 involved in the incident. A hearing will be held in April as there is uncertainty in the Prosecution camp as to who will actually Prosecute the case. I think I need to go and pull out my DVD and have a top up!!

I Dream of Jeanie is a classic and remains, along with Dr Who TV from childhood that I still love. I wanted to grow up to be Jeanie, and was quite adept and doing the head nodding/arm crossing - though was pretty useless at the actual magic part. I recently found out that in Series 2 Barbara Eden was pregnant and is shot almost entirely behind sofas etc to hide her pregnant stomach - making me think of the classica scene from Austin Powers. I'll have to pay closer attention if I ever get a chance to see it again (Jeanie - not Austin). As a kid and later a teenager I never managed to bridge the handsome Larry Hagman of IDOJ with the Larry Hagman of Dallas. My Mum made me genie pants from a bright pink petticoat (in the days when you could still buy them!) to wear in the Easter bonnet parade one year??

Stupid Stupid Man is an Aussie comedy set in the office of a men's magazine 'Coq'- which prides itself on having "Australia's best chicks, cars and weird shit." It's hillarious - made more so by Leah Vandenberg planning the hard arsed producer (as we know her in this household as 'leah from playschool') It's a great portrayal of the what I term 'the broken masculine' - about men trying to be men, but not really sure what that means any more. Editor van Dyke's vascetomy was the main story line in the first episode of the series ... which left everyone in the household (me included) feeling rather sore and sorry vicariously. Much funnier and darker than The Librarians from last year - it's a great example of why we (Australia) should be investing and producing our own comedies that reflect our reality rather than buying American (crap!) and British humour.

Sex and the City. I came to this late and was introduced to it by my soul sister. It was a Monday night institution. Our other friend Lisa would join us, and the three of us would sit with out bottle of chardonnay and packet of Tim Tams and immerse ourselves in the trevails of Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte - all of us indentifying in small ways with each of the characters. As an aspiring writer I loved Carrie - but never got the obsession with shoes or her committment-phobia (because I was probably in denial of my own!) When it arrives on the big screen here in Australia - I hope that I can sit (sans chardie sadly!) in the theatres with Karen and Lisa to enjoy it all over again. There's universal themes in there for all women (whether we want to admit it or not) and yes, I've been to the Valley of the 20-something Men ... and while its fun its scarey too! There is no fav episode - there are too many to pull just one, though the final series really did hit its stride again, after series five floundered with the major changes taking place in all their lives (and oh - Carries inability to committ to the sexiest man on TV at the time John Corbett!)
...check in tomorrow for the continuation of the list ... I need my bed!

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