Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bizarre Writing Places

On the back of Paul's column this week ... I'm musing on the bizarrest places that I have written.

I tend to be a little disorganised and often find that I am without pen and paper when I most need them. During NaNo I went on a couple of interesting outtings with my laptop in tow. My last outting ended up being to the shopping centre but got there too late to set myself up anywhere (like the library or Borders bookshop) Instead I sat outside at a cafe (outside in the sense that its outside the cafe but still indoors of the shopping centre) and sat and wrote. As the world around me thinned out, with my ear phones in, I was so absorbed in my writing I could have remained there until they were ready to shut off the lights and security came to kick me out. However, I had a family to go home to.

Where is the most bizarre place that you have ever written?


Anonymous said...

I suppose we writers write
when ever and where ever we

Terry Finley

d sinclair said...

well this is bizarre, jodi - I'm writing this from my daughter's pc as mine just blew up.

it must be high Uranian weather or something, I usually only blow things up when I'm worried about something...

anyway, if you don't hear from me in a few days, its because the repairs are taking a while.

dan :)