Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Dark Moon Cleansing

In the dying hours of the dark moon (and the astrological year), in the space that I had lovingly cleared of all 'stuff', wiped down and mopped with soapy water infused with frankinsence (transformation) and geranium ( balance) essential oils ... I got out my first smudge stick and got down to the business of clearing the energy from the space. The following is the incantation that accompanied the swirls of smoke:

Be gone embodiments of self defeat, self consciousness and self doubt.
Be gone the habits of excusemaking, of procrastination or martyrdom.
Be gone the feelings of worthliness, of inadequacy and of feeling incapable.
Be gone the energy of self stymying criticism, of perfection and creative blocks
Be gone the fears of not being good enough, of not being smart enough, of not writing well enough.

Good-bye to all the residual energy in this space and place, that was once a workstation. May it be cleansed, renewed and recreated as a space of creative pleasure and adventure.

This was my first effort of cleansing a space in this fashion - in the past we've blessed rooms, which I should probably do today now that I asked all of this stuff to leave (least it return to the space that is now vacant with pregnant potential.

It also reminded me of the fact that the spaces in our home needed to be reguarly cleansed - not just the tidy, sweep, mop, dust, decluttered etc - but the psychic or energetic clearing. So I make the committment to this new space of mine, to keep it not just clean and tidy on the physical level, but on the energetic level as well. In this way I keep to my pledge to be authentic in all aspects of my life.

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