Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Time Poverty v's an abundant universe

I'm a bad person. I am forever conceptualising myself as being time poor. This I do admit is partly to do with the fact that I am a workaholic and self confessed addict of being constantly busy. You would think that I would have an immaculate house as a workaholic - as I dont have a job outside of the home - but that's not the case. I can assure you that I don't keep myself busy with cleaning and ordering our home! But I digress.

Last year after we came home from the Bunya Mountains I wrote an article called The Tyranny of Time on being time poor. In retrospect it probably had more to do with me mourning and working through my need for freedom, more so than being caged by time constraints.

Yesterday I worked out that Buddha was true when he said

'its your mind that creates this world.'

I have this in a frame, a beautiful present from my soul sister Karen. Next to the words is an endless and lovely vista of mountains and a valley - seen through the open window of a house. It always challenges me to think of free open spaces and not the cold cage of the house - because that's what I want. I've often wondered about it, but perhaps never quite 'got it' -that was until yesterday, when I put it into practise ....

If I think there is a time deficit - I open up a time deficit in my reality, like my own little Midkemian rift. It becomes a self fulfilling prophesy that I fill with ample of amounts of procrastination and other things that inefficiently sap my time and my willingness to committ. I'm sure that I am not the only person on this earth that this happens to. And it's always at a time when there are more than enough things to fill a normal day plus some more.

So - contemplating all the things that I needed to get done yesterday (morning pages and AW committments, two articles to write by Friday, a short story to review for submission, a magazine to complete, new years cards to research and create,Fiction Friday entry, daily blog ... and then all the normal mundance daily stuff) I literally freaked out. This time though, rather than wallowing in the 'there's not enough time, woe is me, I'll just get apathetic and give up now' I tried to conceptualise my time in abundance rather than as a deficit.

I reminded myself that this week Dave is away, which means that I dont have to feel guilty about planting myself infront of the computer at night. And I decided to use all of those time bytes during the day to best effect. I write my morning pages after I've had a quick check of my email in the morning and while Dylan is having his turn on the computer for the day. Whenever a little piece of time opens up, I think about how I can best fill it (and if push comes to shove I'll do a little bit of housework - 15 minute blocks can achieve amazing amounts!) Today I filled it by giving my Goddess pack a quick shuffle and noting down the different Goddesses that came up for different friends and I begin to organise the New Years cards I'm going to make and send out next week.

I slept badly last night and internetted myself into oblivion until 2am, meaning that this morning I had been everywhere, read all I wanted to, commented on more than I probably needed to. I also bruised my bony right elbow from leaning on it (usually an indication that I've been on the internet/computer far too much!) So when I turned the computer on bleary eyed a little after 7am - I opened my magazine program up and started work immediately, basically without thinking (because there were little cerebral processes turning over). This seemed to be in keeping with FlyLady's motto for 2008 'Do it now - make it great in 2008'. And surprisingly - I got quite a bit done before it was time to go off and write my morning pages (aka sharing the computer!)

And now, as I glance over at the clock its still 20 minutes to go until 10pm and while I haven't attacked those articles, that I keep deluding myself will be easy to write, I have put a huge dint in the work that I had to do for the magazine, including clearing three adds that have been hanging over my head (I'm looking forward to getting the bartered services for their creation!) Which means tomorrow I will be happy to get up and attack it again ... and with any luck Friday will roll around with the magazine ready to go our for proof reading and my articles done ... and well yeah I know ... you can dream.

This is a long winded way of saying - if you want something to be a deficit it will be - if you want it to be abundant it will ... the power of positive thinking is just that, powerful. It conceptualises the world in which we live, how we react, carry ourselves, our perceptions, our ability and will to function.

So - I can honestly say this time around time is one my side, yes it is. Oh thank you Mick!!
PS: I should also point out - that the motherhood fairy dropped by this evening and with a tap of her wand, she put Dylan to sleep on the home stretch of our evening walk (he was in his pram) meaning that I could settle down to work on the magazine at 7:30pm which honestly - is just unheard of. I dont remember the last time he was asleep that early. So yeah - create your universe and then the universe will support you ... or the motherhood fairies!


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