Thursday, January 3, 2008

A word on Fly Lady

Darling Square1 over on her blog The Fanciful Muse has asked for more info on Fly Lady. So until I can get back to the keyboard to write more extensively I'll begin where I did with Fly Lady ... at the start ... which is your sink.

Believe me I never believed for a moment that cleanliness and orderliness would ever flow from my kitchen - but it did. The Fly Lady way is to keep your sink clean and sparkling. Take the time to give it a real going over - I use bicarb soda, a green scourer and a final spray of metho once its all been rinsed down to make it sparkle. Dirty dishes stacked in the sink is a no-no ... and although she caters to those we have a dishwasher, this can still be done without one (we've got one but it hasn't been hooked up now for almost 2 1/2 years!)

Once you've keep your sink shining (and believe me after a few days - Dave was shining the sink at the end of the evening) for an entire weeks, its time to launch into a different part of the house!

The other Fly Lady hint that I loved (especially as I began to tackle the accumulated crap from the moved we'd had almost 18 months previous!) was that nothing is so big that it can't be chipped away at in 15 minute blocks. I thought this was absolutely absurb, but when you just concerntate on ONE THING for 15 minutes, it is quite amazing just how much stuff you can get done! Your kitchen timer can be your best and biggest ally in the quest to keep a house clean and tidy.

Tomorrow I'll go into a little more detail of the Swish and Swipe (though I actually do the SSS ... Swish, Swipe and Sweep!) and will put up the links for Fly Lady (unless you want to google it before then) ... as I am too brain dead for that right now.

The best thing that I have learnt about Fly Lady so far is that you dont have to do the entire system to see changes in your household, the way you feel and approach housework, and the way you feel about yourself. A few small changes do go quite a long way.

Happy cleaning ...


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