Monday, January 14, 2008


Just when you thought that too much Andy Warhol was not enough ... yes Annie and I were back at GoMA again this morning - with our tiny tribe of kids in tow..

We all had an absolute ball in the Silver Factory section of the Gallery that is especially set up for kids. They got to go in the 'Silver Clouds' installation (and wasn't that a trippy moment for me when I stopped paying attention to the three kids for a moment and uttering "Be gentle" in every other breathe - and looked up to see a multitude of silver pillow floating in the ai above me!), as you can see above - had their photos take a la Warhol style in a specially designed photo booth (then we picked the colours and emailed them home!), stacked Brillo, Campbells Soup and Heinz sauce bottles and then had fifteen seconds of fame where the kids sat on a seat and were filmed, then cast up on the wall old movie style with the count down numbers and all. It was brilliant ... oh and we got some temporary tattoes as well. Who could ask for more.

PS: Dave has just pointed out to me that Lilly, Morgan and Dylan need to form a band in 20 years time and use this photo as their first album cover!!

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