Thursday, January 24, 2008

Going after goals

I was looking forward to writing my Thursday Thirteen but somehow the entire day has slipped away from me - and now I need to slip into bed. So it will join the list of other things to write for tomorrow (deadlines are not going to be reached - but I'm ok with that) Tomorrow is our first kindy morning tea, Dylan want to bed late and I'm already have caniptions about what may go down considering the late night, lack of sleep, lack of Dad for a week etc etc etc?

A small quote for today before I do depart to the land of the sleep fairies:

Experience helps build momentum
Build momentum rather than problem solving, in going after goals
Look for new ways to build momentum - experiment and seek out challenges.
Challenge helps build momentum, but no reaching too far at first.
- Robert Fritz -
Smiler - is that your cat being all philosophical by any chance? There is much I could muse on in regards to this right now, but it probably would come out backwards in the tired state that I am in!


Bob-kat said...

Hi Jodi, thanks for visiting my blog :) About your comment: It is sad that many of the castles in the UK were left to go to ruin. This was as a result of the Civil War where any castle being held by the Royalists were captured and then deliberatley slighted by Cromwell so that they could not be used against Parliament again. After this many were too ruined to be restored and it was not until the Victorian era that these ruins were preserved.

I know what you mean about things not getting done. I have no idea where the days go sometimes! Sometimes it's okay to wait until another day rather than trying to do everything at once though isn't it? :)

Fluke Starbucker said...

it's funny how stuff falls behind when a lacking list grows so long.

Get some rest, there's always tomorrow.

oh, and Hi, Michele sent me.

Square1 said...

What a wonderful quote. And with as smart as that Fritz is, I wouldn't doubt it is him waxing all philosophical. ;)