Sunday, January 6, 2008

Storm is a comin'

Oh yeah! We got a doozey of a storm this afternoon. Here are a couple of before shots as it was building and sweeping towards us (the different shades here - the greeny brown that aren't so visible in the photo, are hail clouds!)

And you will notice our neighbours below making a quick get away - as hail was forecast and there is only room for two cars in the garage!

This was what it looked like once it had passed over us and continued on its merry way towards the Bay ...
The best thing about the storm was the rain - the tropical deluge. We ended up taking the lead from our neighbours son and going out in it to wash our car. This is the first time that Dylan has had the chance to help out with washing the car - partly because we're slack and more currently because water restrictions do not allow for the use of town water to wash cars.

Brisbane is currently on Level 6 water restrictions which is basically 140l of water per person, per household a day - or 800l per household a day. This has meant no watering of the garden, nor filling of the pool, we can't wash our car and we're down to 4 minutes showers once a day - do rain is a big thing.

After washing the car we went and jumped and splashed in the rapids of water barrelling down the gutters and generally just revelled in the rain. All of our neighbours must have thought we were stark raving mad - but it was so gorgeous.

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d sinclair said...


didn't know your water restrictions were that severe - we are on level four or something - which means the gardens get no water except once a week but so far I still get as much household water as needed.

strangely enough, the reservoirs are all at full capacity. I think there's a conspiracy (he he) going on.

here we are on a planet which is over 70 percent water, and we're being told 'not enough' (well, you know what I think of that statement!). Amazing.

your storm is a beautiful thing!