Saturday, January 5, 2008

Dark Moon decluttering

The Moon is currently waning - that is slowly disappearing in our skies, waiting to be born anew on Tuesday.

I've been taking full advantage of the energy to clear out stuff - my email inbox has been attacked, resorted, new rules applied and mountains of emails simply culled to the deleted box ... and it feels good.

My work station/desk/office is in the throes of being re modelled. Whilst I probably wont get as far as building a new mini bookshelf for the desk, I'm hauling all the HMA stuff off, putting it in a box and handing it over on Monday. As for the rest of it ... its also in a box (which a few more pieces to follow tomorrow) so I can give the desk a good wipe down and start afresh. I want to make room for the my desk tidy that Dylan and Dave lovingly created for me for my birthday.

The next on my hit list in the bedroom - reduce the piles of clothing stacked on drawers to zero and rebuild my altar - though that could possibly wait until the new moon.

Anyway - I am well aware that this is the second last (penultimate) dark moon before the Chinese New Year (my new year) and lots has to be moved, shipped off, burnt, thrown out, au revoired .. you get my point. For me the New Year hasn't really begun ... and this limbo land, betwixt (I've always wanted to use that word) two years is a great time to let it all go.


Square1 said...

I still have a lot of au revoir'ing to do too, but my energy has been sapped. I'm glad someone is on a flow rather than an ebb!

Catherine said...

Using the astrological new year as a reference I've been making some positive inroads into decluttering.

The downstairs area of my house, a previously 6x7m nice room, I let be invaded by other peoples stuff. Relatives that were sure their discarded belongings would be the very thing for when my children left home.

At the time my girls were all, 'yeah sure this could come in handy'...In a stunning turn for the books all that crap is still there...

The last year or two year while tough, has been good for emerging from some old modes of thinking and behaving. I hadn't even entered the 'pit' for about a year.As a psychical symbol of some old behaviours that are way past their use by's pretty hard to beat.

For so long I didn't even want to deal with it because I really didn't need all that space, now I can see my own dreams feeling more within my reach I'm going to transform it into a very, very clean workout room.

Integrity of body to sustain all the crazy stuff I would like to do.

I think I may need to adopt the Chinese New year as a target date for that