Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: Things that I am Good at [3]

Thirteen Things about Jodi

This week I have begun (for the second time) The Artist Way by Julia Cameron. Part of week one is excavating to discover where those negative voices in your head come from, uncovering negative core beliefs. After some intense family stuff over the last day or so, the blurt I came out with this morning, as I wrote my morning pages, was "I am not good enough".It was a good day to be having kinesiology today - and we worked with that blurt ... but for the sake of my own sanity and self belief - here are 13 things that I believe I am good at!

  1. Generosity - I generally never say no and often put the needs of others over that of myself
  2. Writing - there I said it!! And I'm not going to worry about sounding egotistical - just check out the latest short story going up tomorrow for Fiction Friday.
  3. Cooking - when I put my mind to it, have the energy and feel inspired. We've never had to eat baked beans yet.
  4. Procrastinating - aren't we all, or is it just me? I've only ever been outdone by our old flatmate who would procrastinate from his uni studies, using his hobby painting -then would procrastinate from his hobby by painting not his picture but the windows in his room. Nutter!!
  5. Being a Saint - even though some would argue I am not. When you live with a three year old who spurts constant streams of consciousness conversation about the Spiro the Dragon and/or Dr Who (that can last up to 45 minutes and seem to occur without a breath being taken!) there has to be some saintliness there - though I doubt I shall ever be canonized for it. And no I can't answer all the questions regarding Spiro but I'm getting pretty good at creative answers for Dr Who.
  6. Horizontal filing - is that not what all flat empty spaces are for, even if FlyLady would disagree!
  7. Tactless - which seems to not just be foot in mouth syndrome, but the cyberspace/typing equivalent of it. I'm blaming this one on my Sagittarian origins or my alternate world view which doesn't often sit well with others.
  8. Never finishing anything - though three years of producing a quarterly magazine did go a long way to helping me over come this personal flaw. With the end of that era dawning, its up to me to rise to the challenge of finishing things!
  9. Reverse parallel parking - just ask my friends Annie and Karen who applauded my efforts to reverse parallel park our station wagon on the weekend - the first time and perfectly straight (I reckon I've got about a 90% success rate - I can thank my driving instructor all those years ago for that!) And as an aside - I used to be able to do this style of parking on both the left and right hand sides - as we had reverse parallel centre parking in the town where I first drove.
  10. Optimism - though recently even this has been pushed and its limits discovered.
  11. Living my truth - though this is a daily challenge and something I'm far from mastering, but I'm getting the hang of it, thus I must be getting good at it.
  12. Catching a tennis ball, left handed, whilst floating on a basketball at the deep end of the pool - no explanation needed on that one I reckon!
  13. Inspiring others - well at least I can delude myself into believing that, though I can use the example of Annie who has recently been inspired (OK hassled and cajoled!) to participate in Fiction Friday ... I'm still working on inspiring Dave to write also and a number of other friends to take the Artist Way journey.
    You will notice that I haven't tried to pull the wool over your eyes and tell you that I am good at telling a joke (I can never remember both the joke and punchline), nor acting in the role of navigator (I get car sick from reading the map, while the car is moving) and I have definitely not tried to pass off my organisational skills (as its all last minute stuff with the Goddess shining down on me and offering me large slabs of luck to get it all happening!).

What are you good at? And more to the point - what are you shy about being good at?

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Mica said...

Hello There!
Thanks for sharing about yourself here at TT!

Gellianne said...

Generosity is a very good trait.

Nancy Lindquist-Liedel said...

Number nine is a fabulous accomplishment. I could never do it!!! I hate driving.

Lazy Daisy said...

Good for you. I love positive list about what you are good at (even procrastination!) I was inspired by your list. Go You!

Anonymous said...

What a brilliant idea. You are very good at describing your good side. Now focus on it all the time!

Square1 said...

I like number 11 very much. "Living your truth..." Somehow putting the verb "living" with the word "truth". It's truly in line with your theme for the year, and it was a perfect idea to remind yourself of the things you are good at, especially when that "I'm not good enough," voice starts planting it's little seeds.

As to inspiring others, you don't have to pretend. You inspire me more than I ever tell you.

Square1 said...

You know, it might help if I actually finished a sentence, eh? Here is what I meant to say:

Somehow putting the verb "living" with the word "truth" should be done more often.

Lori's Light Extemporanea said...

I did a list like this about 6 months ago...everybody needs an ego boost every so often. Happy Thursday!

Square1 said...

O.k. You inspired me. See? You do you know. I participated in T13 this week too.

Smiler said...

The Artist's way in excellent. I’ve done it I don't know how many times. Trouble is I could never get past week 9 for some reason. My therapist suggested I should just do 9-12 but that doesn't work. And I don't have the patience do do it for the 5th or 6th time or whatever. Talk about not finishing things!

Nicholas said...

Nice list. It's always interesting to learn about one's fellow bloggers.