Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday reflections

It's been a funny old week - lots of shifts of energy moving in both directions. Having a huge purge of anger only to be hit with other's anger, to have had my writing both attacked and celebrated, to have said good bye to a rather serious negative energy (that's I've had since before I was born) and to have felt both elated and crushed. I've been to parts of me that I haven't wanted to go, but have gone anyway and have been welcomes and blessed with insights that can only help me to go forwards. Ahhh ...

So I leave you tonight with a quote. I will be back tomorrow to post my "Roar for powerful words" award presented to me by Smiler and subsequent discussion that is attached. I have to say, being presented with this, is the perfect way to end a tumultuous week where my Truth and my ability to believe in it, have been thoroughly tested (thank you so much Smiler!)

I never take counsel of my fears
- General George Patton -

1 comment:

Eamon said...

'to have had my writing both attacked'

- i wouldn't worry about it. I don't know one writer, even famous writers, who haven't had their work attacked.

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