Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

In the five seconds preceeding me sitting here to begin writing, I somehow managed to remove the cats flea collar/bell with one toe and then in the next breathe as I attempted to put the said colllar back on, knocked over my brandy balloon of fangelico. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Now the the cat has his collar back on and I've cleaned up the mess with one of those ever handy nappies I'm set to write. According to the clock on my computer it is 3:51am, meaning three hours and fifty-ones minutes into the year of 2008. Hooray ... I think!!

I' ve been watching the Chasers War on Rage for the past four hours (how quickly time passes when the company rocks, when the TV rocks, when the music rocks out and the alcohol isn't too bad.)

It's the time of the night when the Boys have dragged out a little bit of Cold Chisel. For those abroad Cold Chisel are a little bit difficult to describe because they are quintessentiallyAustralian. Adam Hills (bless his butt!) actually sings a version of our national anthem to Cold Chisel's Kai Sahn. But it is (thankfully!) not Kai Sahn that has been dragged out tonight - its Flame Tress ... which in itself pulls out lots of memories for me. My best friend years ago was a huge CC fan and I remember one night, while he was visiting, and returning from one of our escapades on the town, driving home with this song blaring through his sound system. The Flame Tree was in full bloom in early November, across the road from our house when I got home from the Home Birth Conference last year (I can say that now!)

And we've got Six Months in a Leaky Boat by Split Enz, which I last sadly saw covered by Tim Finn and the Wiggles (cringe cringe and duck for cover!)

It's been a quiet and somewhat reflective New Years. We spent a few hours at my kinesiologist's house. which seemed to be mainly family (with a tribe of boys running about with pretend guns that totally freaked me out!) And since then we've been watching RAGE programmed by Chris Taylor, Craig Reucassel and Julian Morrow from the Chasers War on Everything. Andrew Hansen dropped in very early on to inflict a little Paul McArtney and ELO (watch the guys groupied rating plunge!)

I'm the last gal standing (or in this case sitting!) with Phil having bunked off to bed sometime around 3am as Amy arrives tomorrow sometimes between 9am and 10am, the Dave about 3:30 or so ... so its just me ... and the kookaburras which have decided that it might be time to strike up a reverie to 2008.

It used to be tradition to stay up and watch the sunrise and although I am probably not a terribly far from it .. there seems to be something a little wrong and strange to be sitting on my own, on the back balcony I also own, along with the song of the birds, but without the presence of either my soul sister, my little brother of my partner is life.

Right! I want to know which of those three guys on the Chaser thought Billy Joel's "Uptown Girl" was a suitable choice. My pick is Chris Taylor, but I might a little biased. To date, the best part of this New Years Rage line up (music wise!) has bee Rat Cat's "Dont Go Now" because I can't help but be transported back to being in Year 12, and discussions about that song in my Home Room. And it so turns out that Chris Taylor was apparently in a Rat Cat cover band ...
and now we have Craig Reucassell which I will attempt to link here ...

... and begining with that, we actually we were on the path to conclusion, and at 4:34am, with crows swarking off in the distance to welcome the rising sun, its the start of a new year. Though I have to admit that this really is just all an anti-climax of sorts (and this has nothing to do with the fact that I have just realised at the conclusion of Rage and all of the Chaser musical clips, that the bottle is now empty - damn!) The weather here is set for more showers, wind and overcoast weather but perhaps this bodes well for a State that is below 20% of it's water stocks!!

And with that - I bade a very prosperous and bountious New Year to all. Especially to fellow writers/blogger Smiler, Square1, Karen, Danae, Paul and Carmi whose internet incursions have had major impacts upon either my writing or blogging (are they actually mutually exclusive??) may 2008 be a bountiful year and may the Goddess shine upon you xxxx

Much love
:o) Jodi


Paul said...

Happy New Year to you Jodi, from someone still stuck in 2007!

We're just over 4 hours away from the New Year here in London, but looking forward to the chimes of midnight.

Square1 said...

Happy 2008 to you, future lady! I have about 3 hous and 45 minutes to go. In some ways I'm anticipating the new year, and mourning the passing of this one. I've neve had that sensation befoe, but I've found it echoed in a lot of people's witing.

d sinclair said...

happy new year jodi! this one is already great... here's to a wonderful, prosperous, success-filled and creative year for you - in more ways you've imagined so far.

love, d xx

Dalissa 365 said...

Happy New Year, Jodi!